Monday, May 9, 2011

Wanted: Giftbaskets for AAD!

Calling all authors, groups, publishers, and industry!

Authors After Dark is looking for gift baskets for their charity auction for the 2011 convention this August in Philadelphia PA! Our charity, Pets Alive, a no kill animal shelter from upstate NY, is our longtime charity, one we feel is more than deserving of our auction!

Pets Alive is an animal sanctuary in Middletown NY that houses around 500 animals monthly and works hard to find them loving and forever homes. They take in animals from all over the country (and Puerto Rico!) and have shut down over 190 puppy mills in the US in the past 3 years! They are working with the Puerto Rican Government to clean up Dead Dog beach, a horrible place where animals have been left to die or tortured. Thanks to Pets Alive, these animals have a new shot at life with people that will care for them.

You can check out all the awesome on their website:

So how can you help? AAD wants YOU to not only help a worthy charity, but help yourself with some amazing promotion! Send us baskets for our charity auction (And send us promo for the goodie bags!) and even though you couldn’t make it this year, you will be there in spirit!

We are looking for anything you are willing to send, Promo goodies, A themed basket of books, An E reader, Gift cards, gift certificates, critiques, ARC’s Anything you think someone will want!

Here are the particulars:

Everything MUST be to the appropriate destination by July 5th 2011.

All donations MUST come with a business card and way for the winner to contact you.

Interested? Please contact Stella Price at for info on where to send everything, and THANK YOU for considering!

*permission to forward granted!*


Unknown said...

Is this for the 2011 AAD Philly?

Just checking :)

Stella Price said...

Yep. for 2011! 2012 will have a page on the website for people to send info to...

Rita Sawyer said...

I'm bring 2 awesome gift baskets with me.

Here's a hint for one of them. What's better a glass of wine, a hot book, or a delicious cupcake?

Delilah Devlin said...

Hey there! Saw your note on Facebook today about 2012. But wondered how I get added to the list of attending for this year? And is there an author's discussion loop? I'm feeling very disconnected. :)