Monday, January 24, 2011

Stella's weekend in Philly (IE: visiting the AAD 2011 hotel)

Hey everyone!

Im home from my weekend in Philly, where I not only went to Dorian's Parlor and hung out with a bunch of people, I got to finalize AAD rooms and schedules, and I stayed at the hotel. So first, before I get into it, this was the view from my room Sunday morning.

Trust me, it looks even cooler at night. So The hotel is good to go. The rooms are stunning. the beds comfy, and holy hell the shower (at least in my room) was awesome. As a group we have special elevators that go ONLY to our convention floors, and we have figured out all the scheduled rooms. The Hotel has a Sauna, pool and hot tub and a racquetball court. So you can relax and enjoy. For those of you coming in early, Guys, seriously, Your going to have a blast.

My other reason to go was to see how the hotel handed an event. Dorian's Parlor is a steampunk event that happens once a month at the hotel so it killed two birds with one stone so to speak. The Staff were amazing, everyone was awesome and I have a great feeling about the space in general. So heres some pictures of some of the authors, staff and I that will be at AAD this year, from Dorians!

So who is excited?


Unknown said...

Just so excited here! And special elevators!? Stella you are hooking us up!

Twimom227 said...

*raises hand* ME!!

Arden von Wolfe said...

Can you tell me, the AAD event on 8/13, it says registration is that in regards to the authors? I want to I able or do the public have to register as well?