Monday, January 10, 2011

Panel list for AAD 2011

Ahoy everyone! So here is the panel list for AAD 2011, Sans the GLBT panels (we will be posting those soon!) We havent gotten the Schedule done yet, by way of rooms or times, but we figured you would wanna see the list of panels and who was on them.

OOh and just an fyi, we are filling up FAST! So if your thinking of coming, PLEASE get your registration info in ASAp, payments for attendees are due my July 1st!

Its all about the Fangs Baby...

Larissa Ione, Samantha Sommersby, Elizabeth Darvill, Alexandra Ivy, Jennifer Armintrout, K.T. Pinto, Jess Haines, TJ Michaels

Light Paranormal

Dana Marie Bell, Judi Fennell, Jean Murray, Alexandra Ivy, Tressie Lockwood, Kristen Painter

Myths and Magic

Stella and Audra Price, Stephanie Julian, Carolan Ivey, Tilly Greene, Jennifer Armintrout, Erin Kellison, Jae Lynne Davies

Odd Paranormals

S.A.Price, Monica Burns, Judi Fennell, Sonya Bateman, Larissa Ione, Stephanie Burke, Bronwyn Green, Natalie Gray

Otherworldy Heroes

Ally Blue, Diane Merlin, Bianca D'Arc, Sylvia Day, Diana Castilleja, Samantha Kane

Paranormal Historical

Leanna Renee Heiber, Michele Lang, Alexandra Ivy, K.A. Laity, Kayleigh Jamison, Lydia Dare

Sexy Shifters

S.A. Price, Tilly Greene, Bianca D'Arc, Eliza Gayle, Mari Freeman, Jess Haines, Lydia Dare, TJ Michales,

Erotic Historical

Samantha Kane, Sahara Kelly, K.A. Laity, P.A. Brown, Monica Burns, A.C. Mason, Kayleigh Jamison

Historical Romance

Kayleigh Jamison, Melissa Schroeder, Leanna Renee Hieber, Carolyn Ivey, Sylvia Day, Alexandra Ivy

BDSM panel

Tilly Greene, Bridget Midway, Eliza Gayle, James Buchanan, Brynn Paulin, Melissa Schroeder

Contemporary Romance

Sylvia Day, Brynn Paulin, Mari Freeman, Denise Robbins, Denise Jeffries, P.A. Brown, TJ Michaels, Rick R Reed

Erotic Romance

Sylvia Day, Sahara Kelly, Mari Freeman, Denise Jeffries, Rita Sawyer, Jessica Lee, William Neale, Lydia Dare


Crymsyn Hart, Elise Hepner, Stephanie Burke, Z.A. Maxfield, Melissa Ecker, Bronwyn Green, Seleste DeLaney, Melissa Schroeder

E book Authors

Jessica Lee, PJ Schnyder, Jean Murray, Brynn Paulin Crymsyn Hart, Cynnara Tregarth, Seleste DeLaney, Melissa Schroeder

I have a Blog, Now what?:The Care and Feeding of your blogging career

Wicked Lil Pixie, Larissa Benoliel, Susan Hanniford Crowley, K.A.Laity

Law in Romance

James Buchanan, P.A. Brown, Bianca D'Arc, Larissa Ione, Anton Strout, Jess Haines


Tressie Lockwood, Dahlia Rose, Bridget Midway, Selena Illyria, D. Renee Bagby, Denise Jeffries, Melissa Schroeder, Yvette Hines

Menage and More

Cat Johnson, Tilly Greene, Bianca D'Arc, Bronwyn Green, Brynn Paulin, Moore&Herberth, Stephanie Julian, Samantha Kane

Military Men

Cat Johnson, Dahlia Rose, Larissa Ione, Bianca D'Arc, Cara North, Diane Merlin

Putting the Steam in Steampunk

S.A. Price, Elizabeth Darvill, Meljean Brook, Theresa Meyers, Natalie Gray, Sahara Kelly

Self Publishing

Eliza Gayle, Jhada Rogue Addams, JoLynne Valerie, Delilah Devlin, Kristen Painter

Social Media from an authors Standpoint

Eliza Gayle, Samantha Sommersby, Susan Crowley, Anton Strout, TJ Michales, Rick Reed, Nicole Peeler, Monica Burns

Sweet Romance

Allie Boniface, Diana Castilleja, Isabelle Santiago, Moore and Herberth, D. Renee Bagby, Kristen Painter, Z.A. Maxfield

The Steam revolution

Nick Valentino, Susan Lazear, Susan Crowley, Augusta Li, Samantha Kane, Kristen Painter,

Urban Fantasy

Kristen Painter, Michele Lang, Sonya Bateman, Jess Haines, Erin Kellison, Anton Strout, Carolyn Crane, Nicole Peeler, Samantha Sommersby

Writing with a Partner

Stella and Audra Price, Larissa Ione, Moore & Herberth, Lydia Dare, Li and Beaumont

Humor in Romance

Ethan Day, Dana Marie Bell, Alexandra Ivy, Sahara Kelly, K.A.Laity, Robert Roman, Z.A. Maxfield, Judi Fennell

When the Ending isnt HEA- Bending the rules and still being considered romance

Stella and Audra Price, Jae Lynne Davies, Jen Armintrout, PJ Schynder, Dahlia Rose, Yvette Hines

A word with the Editors

Kris Jacen, Tonya Nagle, Kat Lively, 2 more TBA

Author Blog Fail

Carolan Ivey, Moderator, PJ Schnyder, Robert Roman, JoLynne Valerie

Behind the Scenes of the average Author

Carolan Ivey, Judy Fennell, Diana Marie Bell, Rosemary Laurey, Misty Burke, Lydia Dare, Jae Lynne Davies

Character Fail

Z.A. Maxfield, Jennifer Armintrout, Stephanie Julian, Erin Kellison, Monica Burns, Kris Cook

Spontaneously Paranormal

Carolan Ivey, Judi Fennell, R.A. Vaughn, Jean Murray, Erin Kellison, Melissa Ecker,

The Bloggers Tell it

JoJo, Intense Whisper, Mandi Smexy, Nat Pixie, Minxy

Beyond Reviewing - blogger/author relationships

Carolyn Crane, Nicole Peeler, Nat (wicked Lil Pixie)

Secret sauce: Authors tell their fave little craft tricks.

Carolyn Crane, Nicole Peeler, Michele Bardsley, Anton Strout, Nancy Holzner, Diana Castilleja

"Guess the book from the sex scene" game

Carolyn Crane, Nicole Peeler, Michele Bardsley, K.T. Pinto, PJ Schnyder, TJ Michales

The digital revolution

Lori James, Ally Blue, Diana Castilleja, A.C. Mason, Melissa Schroeder, Kris Cook

A word with the Editors: Authors

Kris Jacen, Lori Perkins, Tonya Nagle, Leigh Ellwood, Stacy Hague-Hill 2 more TBA


Eliza Gayle (workshop)

Choosing a Publisher

Stephanie Burke, A.C. Mason, P.A. Brown, Nancy Holzner, Diana Castilleja, Ethan Day, Dahlia Rose

Cover Art

Stella Price, Kanaxa, Kendra Egert, Sahara Kelly, Ash Arceneaux

Promotional Design

Kanaxa, Kendra E (Workshop)

Motivations for writing

Susan Hanniford Crowley, A.C. Mason, Misty Burke, Nancy Holzner, Erin Kellison, K.T. Pinto, Isabelle Santiago

Publishing Legalease

Kayleigh Jamison, Caridad Pineiro, Bianca D'Arc, Louise Fury

Social media the right way

Leigh Ellwood (workshop)

When the details are just as important as the Story : Food and Clothing in Romance

Tilly Greene, R.A. Vaughn, P. A. Brown, Rita Sawyer, Misty Burke, Jean Murray, Nancy Holzner, Tressie Lockwood


Stella and Audra Price, Kristen Painter, Stephanie Burke, Anton Strout, Carolyn Crane, Stephanie Julian, Samantha Sommersby

Several Names, one person: Multiple pen names

Sylvia Day, Rosemary Laurey, Alexandra Ivy, Jennifer Armintrout, Diana Castilleja, K.A. Laity


Unknown said...

woooohooo so exciting!!! =DDD

Just wishing I was in those other two blogging panels LOL =D

Stella Price said...

So far as I know they arent all filled yet (the leaders havent done much with them yet) so you MIGHT be for all I know...

Unknown said...

oh ok gotcha! =D Thanks Stella!

I cant wait for it! Best Bday present ever! hehe

C. Margery Kempe said...

Looks like a whole lot of fun! The three of me will be busy! :-)

Anonymous said...

OMG this looks SO AWESOME!!!!

"Guess The Book By The Sex Scene" - Brilliant!!

Tilly Greene said...

There are so many I can't wait to be in the audience for and loving the ones I'll be on the panel side of things.

Seriously! I can't wait until August :-)

WickedLilPixie said...

Sneaky Sneaky Stella ;)

Unknown said...

Wow, what a great list. And low and behold I am on a panel. YAY! I think :)

TJ Michaels said...

SQUEEEE! This is going to be so much fun!

Anonymous said...

These panels sound so awesome. I'm in interested in a lot of them. Almost all of them. Thanks Stella.

ladygrace said...

These panels rock. Love all of them. They sound all very good.