Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Stella's top 10 hotties of 2010... and other AAD things

Ok so on the personal blog I put up my picks for top 10 hotties of 2010. So go over there and check it out, and comment. Why? Im giving away e books for the holiday season! thats right!

Ok on to AAD things.

1. All radio shows starting in 2011 will be a half hour long. Why? because BTR is trying to get me to pay them 30$ a month to have prime time spots. So all shows will be at 1pm est, non prime time. Yet another fee I wont be paying this year. Nopey.

2. AAD will have its updated list of authors on the website soon. We have two we are waiting on, and Im giving them the courtesy (and trust me guys, you want these authors to attend) because it was so damn hard to contact them in the first place. (hint, they have assistants... )

3. Registrations are going awesome, but we need more readers! The more readers we have, the more free books we will be giving away! So get your friends and family to register and come, cuz the event keeps getting more and more amazing.

4. 2012 dates and location will be announced early 2011. We had a lot of choices and have narrowed it down. Once we get it all in place we will be telling you guys, AND we will have pre reg open at AAD this year for 2012! Stay tuned!

Ok thats it from the peanut gallery. Im back to writing for the day. Happy Holidays everyone!

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