Monday, December 13, 2010

AAD Author Acceptance closes Dec. 15th

Yes, I realize its 2 days away, but OMG we have had SUCH an amazing response on authors this year we have to maintain the author / reader ratio.

Authors have been contacted, so I'm waiting to hear back from them (especially the ones that have been Nominated for a Bookie this year!). Very excited we have so many amazing authors coming, and that they are coming because they wanna hangout with READERS and help us continue events like this to ensure readers arent charged an arm and a leg to do conventions!

Also, the BOOKIE AWARDS will be closing voting on the 15th as well. We have well over 650 votes right now, and we hope that some of those voters will consider attending the event in August, take part in the 2012 nominations, and get all the awesome goodies and free books they can carry.

Oh didnt I mention that? Yes, if you attend AAD this year you will be able to help NOMINATE for the 2012 convention awards... and I'm NOT telling you WHERE AAD is going to be for 2012, not yet anyway, but rest assured, its going to be freaking amazing!

So get your registrations and votes in guys! this is going to be one HELL of a year! And be on the look out for some of our awesome authors posting about the parties and goodies and events they will be doing... Scavenger hunts, midnight movie parties, workshops, you name it! Stay tuned!

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