Sunday, June 27, 2010

Something on my mind....

Which is a scary idea, if you think about it. Me left alone to think gets me into trouble. I cook up wild story ideas and even crazier characters. Honestly, my life isn't half that exciting. But it does make it interesting at times. And for the moment, I can hardly stay in my seat thinking about Authors After Dark. Freeeeeeeddooooommmmmmmm!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  Oh, wrong movie..... Sorry. *hehehehe*

Part of what I'm looking forward to at AAD is actually giving things away. Along with all the publisher goodies and books authors are giving away oodles of stuff too. Raffle baskets galore, prizes, keepsakes, fun stuff and swag. Call me whatever you want, but I LOVE seeing the faces people make when they win stuff, or receive something for doing nothing more than being there. For having fun. For sharing their awesome energy to keep everyone going. And there will be lots of great items making the receiving sweet.

I'm also pleased to say that I will have a new release for AAD. The second book of my vampire series, Shadowed Souls. HIS REDEEMER'S KISS will be available, the follow up to THE ETERNAL KISS. It's been two years coming but, it's finally almost here!

I also have hopes to see UNBOUND TRUST: Book 3 of the Aiza Clan Series. If all goes well, this will making an appearance. I can't promise this one, but I have my fingers crossed.

Hope to see you there!

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