Monday, June 7, 2010

New release by Leigh Ellwood: South of Sundance!

Are you planning to attend the F/F writing panel at Authors After Dark this year? If so, you'll get to hear me talk about my experiences in writing and marketing lesbian erotica and romance. It's not a genre I specifically set out to write, but I find as I sell more I'm apt to write more. Now, I won't write F/F exclusively - I have so many stories to finish and new releases are coming soon. For now, you can go to All Romance and pick up my latest, South of Sundance! Buy it now!

Days before her sexy documentary debuts at a popular lesbian film festival, director Bebe Yasbeck is confronted by an old flame and conflicting feelings about the direction of her career and her assistant, Debra. Will her experience at South of Sundance provide her with the happy Hollywood ending she desires?

Recently a friend of mine attended the Tribeca Film Festival to see the new Rush documentary - actually brushed past Geddy Lee on the way out the door, and sat next to Eddie Trunk from VH1. Hearing the story got me thinking about how a director might react on attending such a festival, wondering about the reception of her film. Also, I'd been planning a print collection of my other F/F stories (She Loves Me, coming soon but now in eBook) and needed one more to fill up the length. So I ended up writing this. Hope you enjoy it.

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