Thursday, October 8, 2009

AAD countdown! Who is excited!?

Ok. So we are literally DAYS from the event, and I'm a nervous wreck. I'm hoping the readers are going to have a good time, and if they don't it wont be from lack of trying. The amount of amazing promo that has been sent, as well as free books (especially from the amazing DORCHESTER) these readers are going him laden with amazing goodies! Coolers, t shirts, pocket mirrors, pens, candles, and books not only from Dorchester, but from Tease Publishing, Changeling Press, Linden Bay Romance and Kensington!

Audra will be here soon, and I'm excited to say shes doing well. Those of you going will get to meet her (like some of you did at RT 07) and She cant wait to meet everyone! Just a quick note: Audra and I look nothing alike except our nose. Hell my brother and I don't look much alike either. Actually I look more like my mothers sister then anyone.LOL.

So on the 15th we are having a free for all radio show for about an hour and a half, where the authors will be calling in, and hanging out in our chat room. It will be from 8pm to 930 on air, and another half hour in the chat room. You NEED to come and hangout, especially if your coming to AAD this year! Check it all out HERE

So I am on my way to AlbaCon tonight, Here's hoping Friday rocks this year. Im doing my promotional workshop, and a few panels and signing, so it should be fun. For those going, I will be signing Fire in His Eyes, Masquerade and London for the Holidays, and some of our older works.

So I will see everyone at AAD on the 23rd! Cant wait to meet everyone! Ooh and check back here on the 28th of October where we will tell you about the big AAD contest we are running in November!


Cathy Clamp said...

I'm REALLY excited! Can't wait to meet you all. Was worried about a health problem that might have meant surgery, but turns out it's not as serious as they feared. So trip is ON!!! YAY!

Stephanie Julian said...

I can't wait! I'm so excited.

RENEE said...

You did an amazing job, Stella. thank you so much for putting together a fabulous weekend.