Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Vampires are everywhere!

At least for me they are. lol Between my obsessive need to watch True Blood 3 or 4 times a week, the book i'm writing, the books i'm plotting and my print book coming out in August, they literally are everywhere. lol

The current work in progress is a short story that is going to kick off two separate ideas that I blended together for this one book. Hopefully to whet the appetite for more no matter which direction I go in first. I hate to be so vague but for now this is my super secret project that I will eventually divulge when the time is right. lol It's paranormal and yes there are vampires amongst many other potential supernaturals. :)

On August 28th (which just so happens to be my birthday. Squee!!!) my first Vampire story, Awaken, will debut in print in the final edition of the Vampire Oracle series at Cobblestone Press. This is still one of my favorite stories. The heroine is a singer and the song she sings in the book is an original piece written for me on my birthday 2 years ago by a long time high school friend. So it's obviously special to me.

I may be busy with my vamps but I haven't forgotten my beloved shapeshifters, they've just been put on hold since the publisher they are with is closing soon. I thought 2009 would be the year of the Black Cougars but it looks like 2010 is more like it.

It feels kind of weird to have so many series going on at once but the cougar trilogy is written and my secret vampires have been pushing at me for over a year now so I am finally giving them the time they deserve.

Good thing here at AAD we embrace the paranormal in all it's varieties because for a scatterbrain like myself, I like to have multiple things going on at once.

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