Monday, July 20, 2009

Make it Stop

Wow, summer is screaming by and I can't quite figure out where the heck its going. Why is it that warm days always pass a lot quicker than cold snowy days :) I did sneak some time to check out the new Harry Potter movie~ I loved it, but my sons thought there was too much romance. Boys...what do they know? I'm also thinking about going to GI Joe. I love action movies with mindless plots and lots of shooting.

On the work side, I'm trying to finish up Salvatore's story and thinking about the plot for my novella. I just received a box of ARCs for Darkness Unleashed that's scheduled to be released in November, so I intend to hold a few contests in the next few months. I'll be sure and post when it's coming up!

Hope all is well with you!



Cybercliper said...

So looking forward to the next book and am glad the date keeps getting pushed up and not back.

Alexandra Ivy said...

Thanks!! I'm excited too :)