Wednesday, May 20, 2009


Wow, it's been quite a month here in the midwest. Storms, tornadoes, flooding...did I mention the tornadoes? So far we've been lucky to have our house still standing, but the basement did flood, which means my new flooring is ruined...sigh. Ah well, the sun is out today and we're starting to dry out :)

I did hear from my agent that I'll be writing an anthology for Kensington. It's going to be a historical, but I'll tie it to my Guardian series. I'm really excited at the opportunity to go back in time and set up the world! I'm also making plans to travel to Chicago sometime in the late summer or early fall for some book signings. I'll post the dates here once I have it all nailed down.

Other than that I've been busy working on my next Guardian book. Well, that's not entirely true. I've also spent some time at the movie theater. Wow, there's been a lot of great movies out lately. It always seems to go that way, just like books. All the good ones come out at the same time :)

So, what are your summer plans??


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Stephanie*magic* said...

Glad you all are ok!!! That so sucks about your new floor! What a bummer!
Awesome on the book Alex!!
So wish I was close enough to meet ya at a signing! :(

Cant wait to read the next gaurdian book Alex!
I got my grams into reading about 5 years ago. She went through all mine fast! I mostly have all paranormal now, but I keep all my old historical favs! You are there! :D My grams now also loves your historicals.

lol, all the good books do seem to come out at the same time! :D
As far as movies go, nothing that interesting to me. Except for that new scary one.... "Hell" something coming out on Friday! :D I love the scary stuff! :)

No summer plans here! Will just be loving the not having to work, lol!!

Take care Alex. I hope the tornadoes stay away from you! Be safe! *hugs*