Friday, May 15, 2009

Signings, News & New Releases!

I'm gearing up to spend tomorrow, Saturday, May 16th, with two of my favorite AAD peeps - Jacki and Stella - at a signing at the Middletown, NY Borders. Cat Johnson, Tilly Greene, Allie Boniface and Philippa Grey-Gerou will also be there, so it's sure to be a fun time! Come down and see us if you're in the area. We'll be there from 2-6pm.

I also have some news. Looks like I'll be writing for Kensington! I've been offered a spot in an upcoming anthology. The book will feature two stories - one by me and one by the lovely and talented Zoe Archer. The kicker? Both of the stories features zombies! Yes, you heard that right. Zombie romance stories.

In my case, my hero is not a zombie. He's the spec ops warrior they call in to hunt the zombies. ;-) So my story is set in the contemporary world. Zoe's is an historical zombie romance. Cool, huh? The anthology will be coming out from Kensington's Brava line in January 2010. When I know more, I'll be sure to pass it on.

In the meantime, I'd like to mention my new releases. First, in print, we have Jaci's Experiment. It's part of my futuristic menage Resonance Mates series and it seems to be available now on Amazon. (Though technically, it wasn't supposed to be out until June. Oh, well.) Here's a little bit about it:

Love... the grandest experiment of all.

As a young Alvian lab tech, Jaci knows her place in the orderly, emotionless society her race has established on the planet Earth. While preparing a batch of experimental skin patches, she is accidentally exposed to a gene-altering agent. In a matter of days, she's assaulted with raw, primitive, forbidden emotions she has no clue how to handle. If her superiors find out, she's a dead woman. Her only hope is to seek help from the human test subjects held captive in pens below the city.

Before the aliens came, cousins Mike and Dave used their psychic abilities to their advantage in business dealings. Now they use them to stay alive, keeping a sharp telepathic eye out for ways to help themselves and others improve their lot.or escape. Their friendship with Jaci has always been more than simply captives and caretaker. Now that her DNA has changed, their shared resonance is the stuff of legend. Inevitably, Jaci's emotions expose her to deadly Alvian justice. Suddenly she's in the race of her life, seeking the only safety she's ever known... in the arms of her human Resonance Mates.

Next, I'd like to share a little about my upcoming ebook title, Inferno. This book will be available in print in 2010, but you can read the ebook version on June 30th. It's the long-awaited sequel to Lords of the Were and tells the vampire Dante's story.

Don't you just love that cover? It's another Anne Cain masterpiece! The story is mostly a menage, though it ends up as a devoted m/f couple at the conclusion, so be forewarned. It picks up where Lords of the Were ended, following Dante and the fey knight Duncan's progress. They've gone to New York to enjoy some nightlife and then a lone wolf bitch enters their sphere.

She's been sent to spy on Dante, but even more foul attempts to kill him are afoot. When hellfire and magefire start flying in their direction, the three must work together to stave off evil from entering this realm.

The book will be out in eformats from Samhain Publishing on June 30th. For more information as it becomes available and to read the full blurb, visit my website at

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Unknown said...

I just wanted to comment that Inferno is wonderful. Of course, I'm lucky since I already read it. One of the perks of being an editor. Great plot, fantastic characters, steamy scenes (well, let's say smokin'!) all make a satisfying read.


Bianca D'Arc said...

Thanks, Bethany! I'm glad it's finally on its way. Now people can stop asking me when the sequel to Lords of the Were is coming. LOL!

Stephanie*magic* said...

Ooo, sounds amazing! And I so love your covers Bianca!
Have fun at the signing!

Eve C-Mauri said...

My daughter and I had a great time at the Middletown, NY book signing. Thank you so much for taking the time to come to our little area of the world.