Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Vacations, books and contests: Stella off to Scotland!

So its my first bloggy on this amazing blog, and I'm leaving for Scotland today for Audra's wedding! I know right! So things here have been hectic, packing getting everything sent in the mail, and guess what? We have a book coming out in a week! Yeah so lots of promo going on. Speaking of which...

GIFTS will be out on the 16th with Phaze in print. I'm excited. Audra is excited. Marsh and Janey are excited. So I hope you, the reader are excited. And why would you be excited? because I'm giving away a copy of GIFTS in print! Thats right, isn't it cool? You will get a print book, signed poster and some other Duvall Inc. goodies. And how do you win? SIMPLE.

Gifts is a story about introducing your significant other to your family for the first time. Marsh Brings Janey home for the holidays, and hijinx ensues, including a hit out on Marsh from his ex girlfriend. So I wanna know, what was it like the first time your family met your significant other. Just post here, and I'll pick a winner On my next day to post, which is... JULY 10th. So you have one month to answer this!

OK so the contest is out of the way... and I'll be posting my vacation videos on our personal blog, so please stop by and see the mayhem.


Ms Menozzi said...

The first time my parents (mom and stepdad) met my hubby, he had just flown over from Italy to meet me in person for the very first time. They knew he'd been calling me for months, and that I was happier than I'd been in years and years, so they were happy too - if concerned. After all, who was this Italian stranger that had come all the way to Tennessee to meet their daughter?

Unfortunately, I wasn't there to facilitate their first meeting. He stayed in the guest room upstairs (my room is downstairs) and in the morning, he woke earlier than I'd expected. At the same time my mom and stepdad did.

They met and he stammered out some greetings - he's quite shy at first blush - then my mother took him out on the balcony to chat before breakfast.

She fell in love with him right away. My stepfather warmed to him quickly, too.

How could they help it, though? My hubby is a doll! :)

Jaycee DeLorenzo said...

Okay, I'll play.

The first time my family met my now-husband was the first day I met him - at my sister's wedding.

My sister and her husband-to-be decided that they were going to set us up, but didn't tell either of us. The family knew (even my grandparents and aunts, who were in town from Michigan) and were encouraging us to hang out and talk all night. He was the bartender they hired to do the reception, and I had an aunt who would go take over the bar and tell him to go ask me to dance.

Before that, we had spent the whole afternoon hanging out (as per their plan) at the reception hall, waiting for them to get there. We were interested in each other, but felt a little duped when we later found out they waited forever to arrive on purpose. Anyhow, my parents, family, sister's in-laws, and a lot of our friends all approved of him before I was sure I even was interested.

But, hey, I married the guy, so they all knew something I didn't, right?

Diana Castilleja said...

His parents were very quiet, his dad still is. They aren't very outgoing. Makes ya wonder how he wound up with me? *blink* LOL

I actually get along really well with the MIL, much better then I did with the first MIL I had. Thank God I traded up! LOL

Sadly, I can't remember that much about that meeting, his or mine. :(

MsM - That is just too cute!

Stephanie*magic* said...

Oh wow Stella!!! Have fun! So
And congrats to Audra! Wishing her all the best!!

Well, my hubby and I met young, 17. So I dont know if I ever really introduced Bill formally to them, lol. It was a weird time too. I lived with my Grandparents pretty much all my life and they were just getting divorced. Lovely huh, lol!
Not as bad as never getting proposed too, lol! We just started planing and did it. My man is just so damn romantic. ;)
So i'm pretty sure my grams just got to know who he was by him being around, lol!!

Have a wonderful, safe trip!!

Cheryl said...

The first time my family met my husband. They were surprised at first as he was my first boyfriend and I had met him while they were on vacation.

After they met him and got to know him they were happy for me and liked him a lot.

We will by celebrating our 5th anniversary this September

Pamk said...

my mom never knew who my significant other would be. But my dad absolutely hated him on sight Wanted me to finish college and boy was he relieved when bf wanted the same thing.

:Candice: said...

Oh wow, have fun in Scotland - bring me back a hot scotty ;)
I don't have a sig other so, I guess my post doesn't count :( but I look forward to Gifts anyway :)

Bunny B said...

The funny thing is that my parents had always known my future hubby. My parents and his parents were friends from college! But the weird thing is that I've never met him myself! And when I finally met him last year, I instantly fell in love but kept it to myself (future hubby felt the same way too!). What's even weirder was that my dad even asked my sis if I was seeing anyone at the moment (cos he never asks that kind of question!) and if I wasn't, he hoped that my future hubby and I would wanna date. LOL So it seems that my future hubby was already pre-approved by my dad :)

bunnybox9 at gmail . com

Alexandra Ivy said...

Stella, you forgot to pack me in your bag :( All those weeks of hip hop abs wasted...sigh.


Stephanie*magic* said...

LOL Alex!!!! :)

Anonymous said...

My parents liked my husband right off the bat-he was a basketball player at the University of Colorado and my dad was really into sports. My mother said "He's pretty tall" so they both really liked him.
Scotland sounds great this tine of year. Have fun