Friday, June 20, 2008

And it rained for 40 days...

I'm not sure if it's been 40 days, but it's been long enough to send the mighty Mississippi River over the edge of the banks and make a lot of people miserable. I have pictures of our local attempts to hold back the rising tide, but the crest isn't until later today and I'm superstitious enough to wait until I'm certain the levee is holding :) It's been a little odd to have the national news floating around the area...and it was incredibly exciting to have Barak Obama stop by and fill a few sandbags!

On much a much happier note, I will be blogging with our lovely Jackie on June 28th...I intend to give away an ARC for Darkness Revealed (Cezar's story) so make sure you stop by and say hi . I also learned that book five (Jagr's story) is going with the title Darkness Unleashed!

And on an even happier, happier note, I will be giving away a signed copy of Darkness Everlasting to a randomly drawn name right here on Authors After Dark. All you need do is tell me your best ( or worst) family vacation!



Anonymous said...

Hi Alex...nice 2 c u back on Authors After Dark.
Like I mentioned on ur blog, I had read about ur blog appearance on JK's blog the other day. I hope I can make it *keeping fingers crossed*'s been crazy w/ boyz ending school & everything else that follows...I would LUV 2 get an ARC of DR. Can’t wait 4 Cezar's bk. Luv the title, DU, that u chose 4 Jagr's story. Would u have an idea when it would b released? Have a gr8 wkend! Ada:)

Anonymous said...

Ok, I'm too excited about upcomming books!!! YEAH ALEX!!!!

Raonaid Luckwell said...

Wouldn't say this was the worst nor the best, just a fond remembrance when both of my grandparents were hail and hearty (how I miss them).

My mom, us kids, grandparents, uncles, and two of my cousins, along with my best friend and her sister (their mother was in rehab for alcoholism so they were included in our family trip since they were staying with us) went to a national park somewhere in Ohio. I can't remember the name. More like old caves and stuff.

Well, me, my friend and her sister drove with my grandparents... Me shocking my friend with my music selection infront of my grandparents. My grandma was making commentary about the songs.

Grandpa ended up getting us lost. We were no longer falling my parents and uncle. Grandpa decided to take a "short cut".

My grandma was cursing him, thus shocking my friend again and here I was sitting there like it was nothing.

* smiles at the fond memory that was *

Alex, can't wait to read more of your books!

Stephanie*magic* said...

Awww man Alex! I hope the rain stays away! What I see on the news is scary!

I think my greatest vacation was way back when I was 9. We went to a family reunion in Nebraska. I can still remember it so well.
It was back when our family was always together doing things. I miss the people that are gone now. Seems like the family drifted apart after the older generation passed on.
We had so much fun. I miss that togetherness.
Cant wait for the next books ALex!
Looking forward to the chat!
Take care!

Unknown said...

I'd have to say my best and worst was going out camping. Me, my husband and daughter go out and buy a brand new tent along with everything we would need to go out camping. When we get there and set up the tent all the poles are broken and we have to ask around for rope to tie the thing up with LOL I made some chili and we left it on the table to cool off while we took a walk after getting the tent up. . . got back and the lid to the pot was off and there was paw prints all over the table LOL

So yeah this was my worst and best because even though the tent was broke and "bandits" took off with our dinner, we still laughed our tails off when we think about it.

judiebabie said...

My best vacation was being at the mall in alabama and going into labor with my 3rd child, Katherrina, eveyone of those sales ladies noticed that my water broke except me. Then one sales lady said, I don't know nothin about birthin no baby! We all laughed!

Suzette said...

Being that we dont take many vacations, I would have to say the best was when we went to Dicovery Cove in Florida. I would like to tell you it was mainly for the kids but that would be a lie. I absolutely love dolphins and my husband(great man that he is) took us there so I could swim with the dolphins. It was fantastic and I admit I got choked up because it was something I had wanted to do for a long time. Its a great place and whats nice is that it limits the amount of people so there is no overcrowding. The food is included in the ticket price and we got to do some snorkeling. Best vacation I ever far.

Cathy M said...

My worst/funniest family vacation was the year my dad borrowed a camper (truck with a camper shell on top). Everytime we turned a corner, all the cupboards will fly open, with everything either landing on the floor or hitting us kids in the head. So each of us kids was then assigned a cabinet to prop closed with either our legs or arms whenever my dad signaled a turn.

Then we crashed into a tree limb and crushed the top half of the camper, so we couldn't use the mattress set up there any longer. That meant all six of us were either sleeping on the floor or around the table. Man, that was the longest week ever. At the time it was a slice of hell, now we all laugh about it, just so grateful we never had to do that again.

Stella Price said...

YOu are EVIL! tempting with ARCs.... Its a damn shame i cant enter these things... LOL...

I had hopped you guys were ok with all the damn weather your having in the states. its pretty dry for scotland and the fam is saying im a good luck charm they hope will hold out till the wedding. Im glad to see hear you guys are surviving!

Unknown said...

My worst vacation happened when I was 15. I was so ungrateful to my parents for taking me on a great family vacation and I complained the whole time, because I wouldn't be able to see or talk to my boyfriend for a few days. I made my mother cry. I felt terrible, but I didn't realize I was being such a jerk until it was to late. Now I have kids of my own and karma is bitting me in the ass. ......Stacy

Anonymous said...

Well, he IS my favorite cover boy so I have to at least try.

Ahem...My worst Vacation Ever:

Happened in 1998, my then boyfriend (now my hubby) and I decided to visit my Aunt in Missourri. Now, we were young and strapped for cash, so rather than pay a ton of money on airline tickets from NYC to St. Louis, we decided to brave the 24 hr Greyhound trip.

It started out fairly well. We were excited and chipper the whole nine. But, by the time we hit Indiana things took a sharp turn for the worst.

We began to bicker about everything. Neither one of us could sleep it was so darn uncomfortable and we were exhausted. We began to fight over everything, the window seat, magazines, soda, gum and chips. After a while it didn't even matter what we fought over just as long as the other guy didn't get it.

By the time we hit Illinois we were both shot and barely talking. At dawn the next day, my hubby (poor guy) had finally passed out from exhaustion. But the sun came up I saw it.

The St. Louis Arch!

OMG, I was so excited I just had to tell him. So what do I do? I, the idiot that I am, woke him up.

Well, let me just put it this way, he wasn't happy. A week of hating each other flew past and before we knew it, we had to make the trip back.

Needless to say, we will NEVER go Greyhound again.

Anonymous said...

Just a quick note to say I hope all is going well for you :)

Anonymous said...

arwen adora

Woot! Yay update!
Best vacation...would have to be to Dun Laoghaire, Ireland!!!
Culture (james joyce's tower) mixed with a bit of racy fun (used to be nude bathing right outside the tower), makes for one helluva vacation!
PLUS, so many second hand books stores with GREAT prices!!!
Cezar's story is going to be AMAZING!!! and Jagr's story has the coolest title! Anticipating both with bated breath and giddiness!!!
Horrid weather but here's hoping for an improvement! May the weather be beneficial in some way...
Take care and keep on blogging/writing! :)

Shel said...

Family vacations.. geez, as the youngest of 10, I could tell you stories, but the best (or worst if you were my Dad), was the time we visited my sister in Harrisburg, PA and I threw up all over the front seat on the turnpike. I was 12 and Dad did not believe me when I said I was not feeling good. Taught him to doubt me!

Alexandra Ivy said...

Okay, I picked a number at random and Raonaid is the winner!!! If you'll send me you address at I'll put your autographed copy in the mail!!

Thanks to everyone for sharing your stories :)


Anonymous said...

Hi Alex,
What's an ARC?!:) sorry but I'm fairly new at this.
Waiting anxiously for your upcoming books.

Stephanie*magic* said...

Claudia, its an advanced reader copy. A book you get before release date.
Congrats Raonaid!!

Alexandra Ivy said...

Thanks, Steph! I'm usually in a hurry and never as clear as I should be :)


Anonymous said...

Oooh... thanks Stephanie*magic* :)
Now I know for SURE I have to be here to give it a try to win! :)

Stephanie*magic* said...
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