Tuesday, July 7, 2015

Information on Authors After Dark 2016... Authors... you want this info.

This final year for Authors After Dark is going to be a little different, and full of fun and great times sure to make lasting memories. We are back at our favorite Savannah hotel, the Savannah Riverfront Marriott, and they cannot WAIT for us to return! We will be rocking the hotel for the even August 2-6 2016.

For those that were at the 2013 event, you know the hotel is amazing, so easy to work with and has the BEST in house staff of any hotel. Its sad AAD is ending, but we are happy to be ending our run at such a fabulous hotel.

So a lot of people are asking about author spots, and being involved. Well since it is our last year, we want it to go out with a bang, but make it easy for as many to attend and participate as possible.  So read on for information.

In the interest of being completely transparent, The following information is what we have decided, based on space at the hotel, room block requirements, and of course, location. Everything below has been worked out to be not only the best for the people attending, but the best options for the convention in order to fill our contractual obligations. 


While AAD in the past has only had A Master of Ceremonies and a list of Featured authors, this year it well be a little different. 

We are completely scrapping the Master of Ceremonies, as times have been changing and we have largely seen that it’s not one author that largely brings in the masses anymore,  but many who are focusing on the reader, not just their writing. So, We will have instead of a MoC this year, Many more authors, in order to make the readers coming happy. 

We will have Featured authors, and attending authors, as well as Debut authors. EVERYONE will be allowed to sign for the 2016 year, provided they follow the event rules. Everyone will be able to promote, set up banners, and have sponsorship opportunities (for parties, meals and events) and have an AUTHOR badge and ribbon. Due to space, however, Panel participation will be limited. 

Featured Authors have already been asked to attend. We have a large number of authors that are returning to the event for its last year, and every one of them have been to AAD before, as a featured author. These authors have been with us largely from the beginning, and have become reader attendee favorites.  

To attend as an ATTENDING or FEATURED or DEBUT author an author for the convention must agree to the following :

·         Stay at the host hotel a minimum of 4 nights (wed-Sunday)
·         Pay their OWN registration for the event
·         HELP bring readers in by PROMOTING their involvement in the convention to their readers via their FB pages, WEBSITE, blog and Newsletter, allowing for readers to KNOW they will be there and encouraging them to attend.
While there is no difference in Attending or Featured author except the fact that Featured authors were given an early invite and have been to the event before, Debut authors will have a small “meet and greet” event they will have to buy into if they would like to participate in it. A Debut author for AAD is an author that’s been published less than 18 months at time of registration, and is looking to grow their readership. There will be more information on this, and the other opportunities for ALL AUTHORS after an author registers.

Promotional opportunities include:
·         Mini event Sponsorships
·         Offsite event sponsorships
·         Blogger/ Book club event participation
·         Meal sponsorships
·         Swag sponsorships
·         Book sponsorships
·         Booksigning
·         Audio book party participation
·         Gift baskets
And many more!
Now here’s the kicker. We have room for 150 authors TOTAL. This will allow for readers to outnumber authors and therefore keep the integrity of the event.  ALL AUTHORS NOT FEATURED are on a first come first serve basis. Once registration opens, Author hopefuls will be able to register and lock in their spots. 

EVERY AUTHOR THAT REGISTERS WILL BE ABLE TO SIGN. No lotteries, no waitlists. EVERYONE* (Provided you stay at the hotel)

Registration will open September 9th at 10am EST. Author list will be updated on the 15th and every 15 days thereafter till the author spots are filled. 

Come and join us for the last AAD on American soil. We can’t wait to party with you in Savannah!


Tilly Greene said...

Personally, I can't wait! In going to be there all week to soak it all in :-)

E.J. Stevens said...

I am SO looking forward to this. See you all in Savannah!

Rita Sawyer said...

I'm planning on getting there early to enjoy sights. Loved it last time and want more.

Tmonique said...

Looking forward to going.

Unknown said...

Is registration on the 9th opened for the readers as well as the authors? Got to make sure I get my ticket!