Monday, December 8, 2014

The Readers are OUT THERE... you just need to realize where they go.

So much is going on in the publishing industry these days, it’s a wonder we still exist. With Shitty deals with publishers, cliques that are bullying other authors, authors that don’t know how to act, and events that are fraudulent and or extorting exorbitant prices out of the authors and readers… Is it any wonder things are going down the toilet?

I have been talking a lot recently with readers, authors and industry, especially after the recent event bru haha. They don’t feel they can trust events and their promoters. They are scared about the amount of money going out for them, especially when they aren’t guaranteed a return, or the “application” which really only boils down to “who is the most popular” and worse, they are getting really frustrated with event planners that are playing favorites with individual authors, ensuring that those authors get top billing and the best options. Then recently I had authors tell me how fucking pissed they were that promoters have been taking a % of their sales through the bookseller--- and I gotta agree there how shittastic that is. And this all happens without a reader attendance guarantee. Its not wonder Authors are pulling out of events left and right.

Well I had a weekend away from the internet, and the industry, (mostly) and after talking with a few choice people, people that respect and support events, and try to make this industry both lucrative and fair for all, and I have decided on a few things.

Everyone knows Romance Ink, my company, is non profit. All monies collected from the events we put on go right to the hotel, in order to pay for the F/B the hotel agrees upon to get the event put on. This allows for cheaper rooms and larger event space. For tnee 2015, Our F/B is 80k. Which is why registration is 200 a person for the authors. It seems like a lot… but it’s not. Actually For what TNEE gives you (Food, a FULL table, your ASSISSTANT to eat as well and attend, full promotional and next year acceptance) the price is amazing. Most other events are 150-200 a table, PLUS your assistant, PLUS their ticket for the “after” parties, AND any extras…. And that isn’t even a guarantee for readers attending. That’s CRAZY to me.

So with that background out there, let’s proceed. TNEE in Vegas can hold between 350-500 authors EACH YEAR. TNEE ATL can hold the same. At 200$ an author registration (which includes all that above that other charge you extra for) is more than fair. Actually it’s the best deal in the industry today---- especially when we guarantee career readers, the ones that are constantly looking for authors --- no, not online, but in person, ones they can connect with personally, to become part of the authors career, to becoming a fan and a friend.  And we guarantee you can sign, and NOT have to pay any % of your book income to the bookseller OR a % of your book sales to the promoter THROUGH book sales.

This year TNEE is boasting 450 readers already signed on, and more signing on every day, because it’s FREE for the readers to attend... With the promotional aspect, we are expecting 1200-2000 for the event this year, even though its Easter weekend. What’s crazy is 450 readers are signed on, yet we don’t even have 150 authors signed on yet.

So… Because of all of this, and TNEE being the most affordable game in town for the next 5 years that will boast actual READERS… to fill in this year, we have decided that all authors that sign on for the 2015 year, that wish to go forward to 2016 and beyond, will be paying HALF PRICE for their tickets… that’s 100$, as a thank you for filling the event and giving the readers a reason to keep attending the event. Those authors will have first choice of panels, event parties and opportunities going forward as well. With so many readers coming for 2015, we are seriously hoping for more authors.

So heres where I get real.
If you have issue with ME, Stella Price, and THAT is what’s holding you back from attending--- Please don’t let it. At this event you deal with STAFF, not me. Several people think I’m a bitch, and a snot. While they can believe that, most just don’t like that I’m direct, I pull no punches and I believe in a FAIR industry where (just like in all other careers) people follow rules of courtesy, morality and business.

Missing an event you are all but guaranteed to sell books at, something that the majority of the events cannot even fathom because you don’t like the promoter is insane. A 200$ ticket including everything above means that selling 20 books at 10$ each (which is more than doable as at TNEE 2014 the average amount sold was 35 per author) you make back your registration price AND you reach readers that you probably won’t ONLINE.  With the amount of authors getting hit hard from the KU and KDP bullshit, sales plummeting, doesn’t it make sense to hit the readers LOOKING to find new authors, ones that are buying books ALL THE TIME? The more of a connection you make with them, the more books you sell… because a writing career isn’t about YOU, it’s about THEM.

TNEE is going to be around till 2019. TNEE is the only large event that treats both indie and traditionally published authors the same, is the cheapest, and provides opportunities most others do not. As we grow, the event grows, and we would love for you to grow with us. Help us make a level playing field, one that you don’t have to worry about your money getting stolen at, and one that you don’t have to worry about the amount of readers attending. The readers are OUT THERE… but its up to you to attend the events where the readers are flocking to.

To sign up for TNEE 2015… guaranteeing a cheaper price…  go HERE.


Unknown said...

As a career reader i met so many wonderful new authors that i would never have found if not for tnee. It was nice to get to know them as people . I have so many new stories to get lost in . You see i am a book lover so by going to tnee i met authors that are on ereaders that i never would have found in my bookstore. I am honored to call some of these authors and other career readers my new friends. Give it a chance

Donna Michaels said...

I love TNEE. Last year in Atlanta, TNEE was the only event I've ever attended where I sold out of books. That has never happened to me before or since. I love Stella's directness and her genuine desire to please readers. As an author, that is exactly my same goal. So yes, I will be going to TNEE 2015 even though my house is normally where everyone gatherss for Easter. I've already told my family and friends to make other arrangements. I will be in Vegas. I will also be a lifetime TNEE'er. Hope to see you all in April!

Unknown said...

This is the best event because you don't feel like you are rushed to talk to the readers. At other signings, I've felt the pressure to "filter" though readers because there were too many and not enough time. I love talking to readers and TNEE allows me to actually talk to the readers and hear their stories and laugh with them. Thank you for putting on such an AWESOME event.

Donna said...

As a career reader I have to say that I LOVED TNEE last year and was one of the first to sign up for this year. I finally got to meet some authors I'd been reading and met a lot of new to me authors that I've started to read. I have to say I am more likely to pick up a book by someone I've met than someone I've never heard of before. So come to Vegas or Atlanta I'd love to meet you.

Unknown said...

love this Post stella. I thought TNEE was a great deal and it was superbly organized. I'm really sad I can't attend in 2015.

Suzanne Johnson said...

Will TNEE be back in Atlanta in 2016?

Tilly Greene said...

As an author, I enjoyed attending TNEE in Atlanta. Mainly I liked how we were given time to meet readers. There was no rush-rush hurry-hurry anywhere ... we could even grab something to eat while the signing was happening. Told you, it was a fun and relaxed atmosphere.

Am I going to Vegas? Absolutely! Not all readers travel to the east coast for an event and I'd love to meet up w/them and show they are not forgotten.

Dirty dealings are not my thing, nor will I be involved where they're happening ... I support authors in all genres, and that's what TNEE does.

Suzanne, yes, TNEE is in Atlanta 2016 :-)

Suzanne Johnson said...

Yay! Thanks, Tilly--I'm definitely in for 2016 then.

Unknown said...

I would love to attend. I love reading and talking to authors.

Unknown said...

I just live 62 miles from Vegas.