Saturday, September 27, 2014


Okay, so here is some straight, real talk, from a 10 year veteran of this industry. You might not like me, or how I do things, but trust me when I tell you that the following information is NEED TO KNOW. Yes, it should be all a no brainer, but sadly some people need stuff spelled out to them… and I’m not one for sugar coating. So read on… and realize--- I might be a bit crass, but it’s all the truth.

This is a marathon. This isn’t a sprint.  It’s a CAREER. Remember that when you are looking down on or snubbing others.

Remember where you are today may not be where you are tomorrow. Mean people suck.

Hitting a list doesn’t make you accomplished. It is 99% luck. Hitting the lists consecutively? Yeah that makes you accomplished. And it makes it less of an accomplishment hitting with a bundle or anthology.
Push for your own accomplishments, with your work alone. Might take longer, but it means MORE.

And remember List Hitters… Don’t be an asshole after you do. Remember your friends, and the people that stood by you from the beginning, because when you slip down those ladder rungs (and you will… its inevitable) those are the people that you are going to have to deal with on the way back up… and people don’t forget asshole behavior.

As with everything else in life, PLAY TO YOUR STRENGTHS. Writing something because its popular and you have no love for it? Yeah… no.

If you’re writing solely to make money, readers will know.

This is a hard fucking job. Take it seriously. Events are not places for you to get hammered, hit on cover models, and then run around begging people to delete incriminating photos off your phone. Have some fucking decency… You’re out there representing your brand.

Professionalism in your book dealings--- online parties, events, and in person appearances--- is key.
Readers know when you are disingenuous. The difference between a reader supporting a bitch that treats them well and an author that pretends to be nice at their table then doesn’t acknowledge the reader later? The bitch might be a bitch, but they are a real person, and they aren’t being an asshole to who matters most--- the reader.

The READER is the ONLY thing that matters. Not your relationship with who you think is cool, or the friends you have or the cliques you are a part of. THE READER IS THE ONLY ONE THAT IS GOING TO KEEP YOU WRITING BECAUSE THEY BUY YOUR BOOKS. Without the reader, you shouldn’t be publishing because it’s pointless. If you’re not interested in the reader, write and put it in a drawer.

DON’T send your street team to willfully attack other authors via reviews and goodreads because you see them as competition. If you are that stupid and childish, you have no business in this business.

As an author your focus at events should be YOUR BOOKS, not the piece of man candy you bring with you. Remember one thing, THEY DON’T HELP YOU SELL BOOKS… they look pretty and get pictures taken, but for every ONE book sale you’re looking at 3-10 pictures. WHY bring these guys along and pay for them when you’re not making the $ back in sales? You know what’s going to keep them coming back to read you? THE STORY. Focus on that… because that’s what it’s really about.

BE GOOD TO YOUR STREET TEAM. They are spending their time to help make YOUR dreams come true on a volunteer basis. An active street team is gold and they support YOU… so treat them with respect.

Remember something: WHAT WORKED FOR OTHERS WILL NOT necessarily work for you. There is no short cut to success… and if there is, its fleeting.

Attending events for any other reason than that there are readers to sell at (Except writer events, which is a totally different story) defeats the purpose of trying to sell at in person events. Just because someone on that event is popular doesn’t mean you are going to get ANY of their sales… and attending because you wanna be close to “greatness” and get into that person’s inner circle? Yeah, you’re not an author, you’re a goddamn lacky---- Care about the product you are putting out, not the “names” you can drop. In the long run, those people aren’t going to give a shit about you OR your career.

You know there’s a ton more out there, but with everything that’s going on these days… these are the most important. And remember, if your offended by ANY of these truths, maybe you should take a step back and ask yourself WHY it offends you, and what you can do to change it in your own career.


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Well said!

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Thank you! Well said!

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Pure Textuality ( said...

BRAVO!!!! *applause applause*

Barbara Burdette said...

Well said

Tilly Greene said...

Fingers crossed this is read and retained!

Christina and Cyn said...

Spot On!!!

Erzabet Bishop said...

A great article and so very true. :) *insert the sound of loud clapping*

People and authors need to just be genuine. Just sayin...cause mean people suck no matter where you find them.

Brava!!! <3

Erzabet Bishop

Unknown said...

Professionalism is key

Sharon Buchbinder, Romance Author said...

Amen, Sistah. Thank you! You voiced so many of my observations that I've kept to myself. Sadly, some list hitters forget whose ideas they "borrowed" and whose backs they stepped on in spike heels to get to that list. And mean girls are everywhere hidden under over-made up faces and gushing words. Yes, it is about the story, and the professionalism must be present at all times.

Anonymous said...

Excellent post! Sort of puts things in their proper perspective!

Amanda Kimberley said...

I'm not completely where you are at. I consider myself still new to the business even though I've been writing for over 3 decades. I was first published at the age of 9 and I still don't think that's a big deal even though it hit my local paper. I also hit national recognition with my blog and I don't think that's a big deal either. WHY? Because, like you said, unless it's consistent, I'm no good to anyone. The thing is, I will still try, ALWAYS. Even after 30 years of doing it, I'm still trying. AND YES it has been consistent work even though it wasn't published.