Sunday, October 6, 2013

The Bookie Awards ballot is LIVE!

The 2014 Bookie Awards ballot has opened and it's now time to vote! Please be advised that you MUST select a nominee for each listed category in order for your ballot to be accepted.

Polls close on October 27th. Don't delay!

Good luck to all of the nominees.

Happy voting!


Judith said...

Really bad idea to make everyone vote on every category. I don't know most of these people and books, so most of my votes don't mean a dang thing. Not really fair to whoever wins (or loses) Maybe you add a "unknown" answer to all categories? Then you can just ignore that when you tally votes.

Stella Price said...

Sorry you feel that way Judith.

those are the rules though. So just go through and pick who you think sounds good.


J. Hooligan said...

Completely agree with Judith. It makes the votes meaningless. Pretty much the equivalent of drawing the winners out of a hat. I don't know if these authors actually deserved their award of if their names looked prettier to whomever voted.