Thursday, August 2, 2012

In prep for 2012 and some updates for #AADNOLA

I will not be dealing with any 2013 author applications till after AAD. Please note that we are full for everyone right now (Small press, NY and Self Pubbed) and Spots went extremely fast.

Also, I understand everyone is excited about 2013, but Please, wait till after I'm back on the 14th to start the emails again.

also: for those thinking of carrying books in... We have learned recently that people are considering NOT bringing books with them (Save luggage space) and will buy a new copy so that copy isnt a "reading" copy but a "Keeping" copy because its signed. Many attendees have now started "keeper" shelves for the books they get at AAD that they love, for the books with signatures in them. Just a suggestion, but it might lighten your load.

Blogger Applications for 2013: Are filling up! We will not be accepting or rejecting till after AAD so you do have time.

Please spread the word!

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