Sunday, July 22, 2012

2 weeks! My stance and info ahead...

yes, it has been a long while since I have blogged here. I have been up to my ass in final details for this year that have rendered me incapable of doing anything else. NOLA has been quite possibly the hardest year to handle so far, and thats saying something when Philly was such a clusterfuck of epic proportions.

So, we at AAD headquarters (IE: Stella's library) are getting ready for chaos and mayhem. Boxes are everywhere, promo is being packed, Books are being sent with other people driving (thank you again Lissa Matthews and Carolline Greene!) and I am in a total personal state of disarray. This year has big shoes to fill... and Im hoping we can do it.

Every year I walk into AAD and sigh, and the week of it is the most stressful of the year for me. 11 months of planning, changing shit and making shit right, all come down to 4 days of insanity, and I always pray its done right.

Do things get forgotten? Sure. Shit happens? obviously, its Murphy's Law. But what people need to understand is that none of it is intentional. But yes, Haters gon' hate, and some people cant be happy with anything. I don't do this for those people. And while it will upset me people aren't having a good time, in the long run its not about YOU. Please remember that at AAD the squeaky wheel doesn't get the grease... because the squeaky wheel is one of many, and the needs of many outweigh the usually very selfish needs of the few. 

Now that I have said my peace, I will just put some reminders up for those who have attended before and those coming for the first time:

~If you plan to do a special thing for an author, especially if its for a small amount of people, please dont do it at a full con event. Come to one of the staff and tell them what you plan. they will then give you a place to do it and even get the author there for you. Why? because much like in school, if you dont have enough for the ENTIRE class, dont flaunt what you have. If you have, say a cake or a special bottle of booze to share with an author, dont do it in a dinner or event because there isnt enough for everyone. it doesnt make you look cool, it makes you look like you want attention for doing what you are doing.

~Please note where you are putting your tickets for the raffle baskets. If you win, you win. Do not go nuts when you win (in a negative sense) because others that didn't win would love what you have gotten.

~Please do not try to sneak people in. We have people checking badges at the doors. AAD is for paying attendees only. If you wish to hangout with others, do so at the bar, your room or outside the hotel.

~Please please please be nice. No bashing, no bitching and certainly no snottiness. This is a fun event, and I (Stella) nor the staff deal with mean girl antics. I would hate to have someone's experience ruined because someone cant just be nice.

Please understand that this is in now way meant to sound like bitching to you all. My frank way of speaking and inability to sugar coat things gets in the way a lot of the time, but Know that I say all of this with the best of intentions to assure that everyone has a good time and has fond memories. If you are offended by how I presented these things, I am sorry for that, but know that these things needed to be said, and as I am the one in charge, I had to say them.

I really cant wait for this year's event, and to meet so many awesome people coming from all over the globe to enjoy what the convention has to offer. NOLA is a Magical city, full of mystery, beauty and some amazing locations. I hope the con and the trip to the Crescent City will be one you will remember for years to come!

2 weeks everyone! Hope you are ready for the awesome we have in store for you!

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