Saturday, July 23, 2011

Authors After Dark is SO close!

So I figured it was time *I* came in and gave you my set up for the con. See, I might be the director, but I am there, first and foremost, as an author.

Since Audra wont be able to attend this year, everything is on me, but WOW do we have cool stuff. Lots of goodies and gifts. You will be able to hangout with me in several ways, and several days.

So here's my schedule:

On thursday I will be part of the Tease Tea tasting in the Hospitality suite from 1pm to 3pm. You wanna stop by, we have tons of AWESOME goodies and books for the first 100 people, and you will get lots of awesome tea, mugs and some limited edition bags too! the first 100 people will get tons of goodies!

I'm also one of the Court authors for the steam Ball! I will be giving away some awesome goodies including a hardcover Jules Verne collection, and possibly even a modded steampunk gun.

Looking to see me at panels? I'm on a ton:
1pm: Cover art panel, Assembly E
2pm: When the ending isnt HEA, Assembly F
3pm: Worldbuilding, Assembly F

10am: Putting the steam in steampunk, Assembly E
11am: Writing with a Partner, Assembly C
3pm: Odd Paranormals, Assembly C
4pm: Sexy Shifters, AssemblyF

11am, Demons, Assembly E

I will also be rocking the booksinging on Saturday from 2-4 pm in the Ormandy Ballroom. Ill be selling several books but I will be promoting the Weresnakes print and Forever Shadow! Stop buy and support some authors if your able to! The Booksigning is open to the public!

And if you stop by and see me during the signing, and pick up one of our books, you will be entered to win something extremely awesome. Wanna know what it is? Well pop by and buy a book!

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Unknown said...

WOOT! Cannot wait to see you this year Stella :)