Thursday, January 7, 2010

Getting Ready for Authors After Dark

We have almost a year until the second Authors After Dark conference happens, but I've already started mapping out my plans for the weekend. I do know I'll sit on a few panels, particularly those relating to M/M and F/F writing, and there's a possibility I'll sit on the steampunk one as well. It's fitting, since I'm involved in all three genres at the moment. Through DLP Books and Phaze Books I have M/M releases, and three F/F shorts at DLP which are selling well. It's my hope to sell readers on eBooks in particular, and to take chances on independently published authors who write their favorite genres.

I will have a raffle basket for AAD again, though I'm not sure of the theme. Last year was a hodgepodge of goodies and free books, and as I usually do a theme for other events I should for this one, too. I'm thinking either a pink basket for breast cancer awareness (a favorite charity), or something seasonal. Either way, I hope it will inspire attendees to enter a draw for it.

As for future releases, I have quite a few coming. Enter Sandman and GPS are M/M shorts with Phaze and All Romance respectively, with the latter sold for the benefit of the American Heart Association. Coming Together As Onei will feature a menage short of mine, and Handle With Dare, a cougar story, is due in the spring. Of the group, Sandman has fantastic elements, and is part of a series. You're welcome to check my website and blog for updates.

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