Wednesday, June 10, 2009

And Im back for the first time LOL.

Hey all!

Things have been busy in the land of Stella and Audra so far this month. We finished edits, got a cover, are one scene away from finishing another book, Subbed out a new book, and started yet another offering for the Eververse. I love when we are seriously busy.

This month, We have a new release, Surrender in Moonlight, the second in our Knossos West series with TEB. You can check out the Blurb HERE and We will be doing a contest again for this release. I cant wait to see who reads this.

We got the cover for the final book in the Knossos West series called A Gift of Daybreak. It will be out in August and its a sweet and sexy little story. Its also new, so we are excited to see what readers will say about this first time book for us. WOO. cant wait.

We are one scene away from the next Eververse book being finished and Masquerade is going to blow the others in the series away. The story is about Oscar, first general of the Conglacio race, meeting a woman named Uriel that is very familiar to him in looks and countenence. Theirs is a story of love, acceptance and a hell of a lot of action. it will be out in August in e book, and in print in September, just in time for AAD in october.

Speaking of AAD, If you havent signed up yet, DO IT! your going to miss a fantastic event with some amazing authors if you dont. With what we have planned for you guys, the awesome raffle baskets and parties and of course, hanging out with the authors, it is really a reader paradise! Check everything out at the WEBSITE, and get your registration in!

Lastly, we have started Drake's book for the Eververse series (Finally!!!). Im so stoked! I cant wait for this one to be out to you guys, and you can all fall in love with Drake like I have LOL. Ill be posting more about this in the next month.

OOH and don't forget! Tomorrow on our SHADOW HEIGHTS forum we are having a freaking awesome online picnic with excerpts and goodies from a bunch of the AAD authors and their freinds, and you could win some amazing prizes including ARC's, swag, signed print books and E books galore! So get your ass to the Forum, sign up and hangout with us tomorrow June 11th from 9am EST to midnight PST.

So for my contest this month Im giving away a small goodie pack. Whats in it? I dont know, but there will be a free print book that I got from RT this year. Not sure which one. So what do you have to do to win?

Simple. Comment here on the covers I have posted, and your thoughts on the Authors After Dark event. thats it. I'll pick a winner next month. Cheers all! Im off to write!


Suzette said...

I mentioned on your other blog how I liked the covers and I will hopefully be going to AAD this year. very excited!

Anonymous said...

I'd love to go to the AAD Weekend, but it's just not in the cards for me. I'm so sad!

Your covers look great and I can't wait to read the next Eververse!

Eva S said...

No weekend for me either, but i hope you all have fun!

Great covers, especially A Gift of Daybreak, love the colors!

Anonymous said...

The covers of the books look sensual at best. I like them but I don't really judge a book by its cover.