Thursday, April 30, 2009

The Hell That Will Be May

Ever have months you want to end before it even gets here?

Yeah...that's May, for me.

Writing-wise, May is going to be brutal. I have revisions due on two books. Two proposals due. A short story due. All of these things are due either by the 15th or June 1st. The good news is that half of the writing is Croft stuff, which means Stephanie (Tyler) is responsible for half. So really, that's a big load off. Not that I'm complaining, mind you -- I just wish there were more days in the month! *g*

Really, the worst part of May is going to be getting ready for the move to Wisconsin. Moving can be hell. Looking for a place to live, getting everything set up or turned off, arranging for the actual packing and loading, cleaning the house you're leaving, saying goodbye to friends. As much as I'm looking forward to living in Wisconsin, I'm also dreading the actual move. And really, there are many things about Virginia that I'll miss. (The heat, however, will not be one of them!)

So anyway, I'll be a little scarce for the next few weeks until the deadlines have settled down and we've gotten settled in Wisconsin by about mid-June. Hope you all enjoy the rest of spring!!!!


Cybercliper said...

I hear ya!! I'll be conducting business on the road to various states for the next three months. I hate hotels, food I didn't cook, and airports!! As ex-military, I'm used to moving around a lot, but sometimes, I'm ready to chuck it all. Good luck to you. We'll miss you, but ya gotta do what ya gotta do...

Lea said...

Oh Larissa!

Good luck with everything! Wow, you will be happy to see June over.

Take Extra Good Care

Amanda said...


GOOD LUCK! Just moved last Summer...not interested in EVER doing it again!!! I love VA heat :) hAHHAHA. I'm originally a Michigander and I can't stand the cold or the snow or all the crappy over-cast days!

Hope your move goes well! Best of luck with all you have to do!

Anonymous said...

I hear ya too! I'll be hauling the family to California from Texas the end of June/beg of July.

*hugs* A move is harrowing. Good luck, hon. I wish you smooth roads and easy driving.