Friday, April 22, 2011

Why Im going to AAD by Jean Murray

I am proud to say I’m an AAD veteran. I attended the very first conference in 2009. I was so thrilled. I met so many fabulous authors and devoted readers, like myself. The food and entertainment was killer. It was such an intimate setting to get to know the authors behind the fabulous stories I had read. I was forever inspired by the experience. At the time I was just beginning my writing journey, never once thinking the next time I would be attending as an author.

This year I’m an AAD author virgin. So be gentle J All kidding aside, I’m so excited to introduce my debut novel, Soul Reborn. It just released this month. I chose AAD to launch my book because of the fabulous people that will be there. I’ve never met such a diverse and friendly group of people willing to give support and encouragement. And by coming, I’ll be able to reach out to the readers and introduce myself. I’m going to participate in the great paranormal panels and am a featured author at the Mythos Ball. What better place to show off the theme of my book than going dressed as an Egyptian goddess!

The other reason I like AAD – it’s twisted. I love the unusual and unexpectedness of the panels and workshops. Where else can you learn to belly dance and strengthen your love muscles or get a tattoo. If you get a chance, stop by my website for a visit. I would love to meet you before the conference. See you in August!

Jean Murray


braukes said...

I look forward to finally meeting you in person, Jean. See you in August!

Unknown said...

Checking out the website now! Did you attend in 2010?

Jean Murray said...

Hi Berinn,
Can't wait to meet you too. Nice to have a fellow CMP author ther for moral support. Do you have your costumes?

jean murray said...

Sadly I had to miss it-- heavily pregnant withmy third boy. I'm making it up this year. Boys will be staying home with dad. Yay!

Sarah said...

Looking forward to meeting you at AAD :o) I'm so excited to be attending for the first time (in fact it's going to be my first trip to the US!!!!)

Anonymous said...

Wow! I see you're from the UK. Now that is dedication-- love it. Can't wait to meet you, as well. Stop by my website for my picture, maybe we can spot each other among the other 300 attendees. LOL.