Saturday, April 9, 2011

Why Ask Why

I've heard that readers are wondering why authors have chosen AAD in addition to, or even over other conferences. Now, I can't speak for everyone, but I can tell you my reasons for deciding to come to AAD this year.

Last year, one of my dearest friends, Jennifer Armintrout, said "Dude, you HAVE to go to the Authors After Dark conference with me. It's like the best thing ever. You're gonna love it."

Now, when Jen says I'm going to love something, it's either because she's lying and she wants to get me to do something terrible so she can point and laugh, or it's because she really thinks I'm going to love it. I'm happy to report, that it was the latter. She wanted me to go to AAD 2010 because it was really that awesome of a conference.

I've been to the RWA National Conference and I've also been to the to Romantic Times conference. Both of those conferences had their pros and cons. They were experiences I'm glad I had, but neither hold a candle to AAD. RWA and RT are giant conferences that can be downright overwhelming at times. It's difficult to get more than a couple minutes at most to chat with your favorite authors, the food is iffy and often the parties end up being on the generic side. Not so at Authors After Dark.

At AAD, you'll have tons of time to hang with your favorite authors as well as meet some new faves. The thing I like best about this conference format is that it's geared toward readers first and authors second. The parties are all different and the vendors are like nothing you'll find at any other romance conference - seriously - there was a tattoo artist there last year and he did amazing work! There was jewelry, bath and body products, books, graphic novels, art, and I've heard that there will be even more variety this year.

I'll be participating in the ARC party with the amazing Brynn Paulin, another one of my bestest friends - seriously, I don't know what I'd do without this woman. We'll be giving away shiny new promo to the attendees, but the biggest and best comes at the Resplendence Publishing Party. Now, in theory, it's going to be a karaoke party (the fantabulous Stella is trying to help us find the right equipment) and the really awesome part is that Brynn, Jen and I along with Mia Watts, Jessica Jarman and Gwendolyn Cease are giving away...wait for it...An iPAD 2 with WIFI!!!! And we're also giving away a ton of e-books to go with it!!!!

So I hope you'll all come and say hi at the party and at the panels or meals or really whenever. We'd love to meet you. And I promise, none of us bite. Actually, I can't be responsible for Jen or Mia, but you're safe with the rest of us.


Grace Fonseca said...

I love this conference for all the reasons that you have mentioned. I have never gone to RT and RWA, as the price is out of my range. Yet I feel that AAD is more intimate and I get to spend more time with other readers, bloggers and most importantly authors that I would have never met. It's so much more relaxing.

Sarah said...

I'm so excited to be coming to AAD this year. I'm really looking forward to getting to meet some of my favorite authors and also having the chance to meet lots of new (to me) authors too :o) I'll be sure to say hi when I see you!

RFTC Blog said...

I'm so excited for AAD. This will be my first conference and I keep hearing such great things about it.

Bronwyn Green said...

@Grace - Even with the pricier conferences, AAD is by far the better choice. At least, IMHO ;)

@Sarah - I'm looking forward to meeting you! And I'm positive you're going to have a great time! :)

@Danielle - You are going to have sooooooooooooooo much fun! :D

Kel said...

I'm so glad that authors enjoy AAD also... as a reader, almost all the other industry cons I've attended have assumed I'm a reader because I want to write...

I want to read. Writing is work (and thank you so much for your work), while reading is the fun part. :)

JoAnna said...

I'm so excited for AAD. Last year I was only able to attend for 1 day. This year the whole weekend. Trying to talk the hubs into next year but we'll have to see.