Monday, April 11, 2011

Pros of the Con AAD by Rita Sawyer

For anyone who’s wondering what to expect at AAD I’d have to say FUN. Seriously. I decided to attend AAD last year because I had been hearing it was a more personal conference where the readers got to interact with the authors. Okay yeah I’m an author, but I’m a reader too so that was a big reason for me to go. I met great people and had a fabulous time. Let me break down a couple reasons why AAD is such a good conference.

I attended RT in 2009, RomCon 2010, AAD in 2010 what I found comparing the three events was AAD gives you more bang for your buck.

1st: The low registration fee included meals unlike RomCon where you had to purchase meal tickets separately from you registration. Meals were included in RT, but their reg. fee was more than double AAD’s.

2nd: AAD seemed more relaxed (maybe not for Stella since she’s the one making sure everyone is having a good time and things go as planned). RT was a blur of rushing around and trying to figure out the layout of the hotel. RomCon was a little chaotic (in their defense it was their first year so they needed to work out some bugs).

3rd: The authors at AAD do their best to be approachable. Maybe it has to do with the relaxed feel of the event, but I felt more comfortable chatting with people at AAD than either of the other two conferences I’ve been to.

Now there are a few things you don’t want to forget. A camera (because who knows what you might see), visit the gift basket raffle room (there were some AMAZING gift baskets last year, and the proceeds go to charity), don’t be shy (I’m kind of a wall flower myself so I’m going to let this be a note to myself), watch for those romance trading cards (I’ll have mine, but I’m hoping to get some other authors), have fun.

Now I’m not saying I won’t do any other conferences, because I’m starting to like traveling a little. I just know AAD is going to be first on my list of choices.

Hope to see everyone there! And remember I’m shy so come up and say hi!


Rita Sawyer said...

Just read a twitter that there are only 2, yes 2 spots left open for AAD 2011. If you on the fence now is the time to jump.

Kel said...

One of the things I as a reader found disappointing about RT was that the reader wasn't their intended audience. I can't comment on the other tracks, but as a reader, I felt like an afterthought. The authors throwing reader events worked really hard to make them fun, but the con didn't cater to readers at all.

I just feel like one of everyone at AAD. Sure, the authors got tiaras last year, but that just made it easier to find you all...

JoAnna said...

I'm shy too. Didn't talk to much last time but hopefully I'll be more social this year!