Friday, September 5, 2008

The King Has Come!

Noah has arrived in bookstores everywhere!

The gloriously hot Demon King and his equally hot new mate are now on the shelf of your local bookstore. If it isn't, yell at the managers because it should be! Noah had already hit the lists at number 19 on the New York Times and number 45 on the USA Today. This thing is cooking with gas!

Then again, with Noah at the helm, no gas is necessary.

To celebrate, I would love to give away a free copy of Noah to one lucky person who comments here today and tells me who their favorite Nightwalker is and why. I'll pick out my favorite response by the end of next week and will send out a signed copy to the winner. :)

I don't want you to forget that I am going to be at Lora Leigh's RAW the weekend of Sept. 19th-21st with the book signing event on Sunday the 21st.

And now that Noah is safely in your nests, it's already time to start looking forward to January when my new series will begin! The first book in the series will be Ecstasy, and this is the cover over on the left. It is book one in the new Shadowdwellers series. I think everyone is going to really like this mysteriously dark culture and the journey I am going to take you on through it. So far there are three books in the series. I am considering a fourth. We shall see.

WEll, that's about all the news that's fit to print at the moment. I look forward to reading your comments :)

Hugs and Kitties


Regina said...

My favorite Nightwalker is NOAH, because he is so Hot and responsible. Love the scene where he babysit the Enforcers daughter. Hope to see him with his own kids soon.

Sage said...

My favorite Nightwalker is, and will always be Jacob. My reason is actually more sentimental than the fact that he was the best, or the more heroic, or anything else that might come to mind. He's my favorite because he was the First! He is what introduced me to you! Because of Jacob, I have discovered an amazing author, a wonderful series, another series soon to be, and have also made many many friends. So, thanks to you!!!

mai. said...

My favorite Nightwalker has to be Damien, he's sexy and hello he's a VAMPIRE!!!! He has this certain magnetic draw about him, he's a real man. He isn't afraid to say he loves and protect his woman. And what woman wouldn't want those fangs in her neck!!

Leah said...

My favorite is Gideon. He is the oldest and respected by most. I also loved the interaction with Magdelegna throughout the novel.

Lynn said...

I would have to say that my favorite Nightwalker is actually both Jacob and Noah. Both have heavy responsibilities and are excellent warriors. But they have to hearts to match. Jacob with Bella and Leah. Noah with Kestra, his nieces, nephews, and Leah. I love men with big hearts and other big things ;)

Great work on the series, Jacki!


Anonymous said...

I have to say that Noah is. Despite being King, he is shown to have a sense of humor. Plus, I adore the fact he has a temper that is directly related to his power which makes him interesting because he can be so destructive that it would be easy for him to go all cold and mean as King (no pun intended). He also proves he is all about his family, friends and people with his determination to help whether it is to beat back the bad guys/gals or helping babysitting. How many kings do you see do something like that?

Stephanie*magic* said...

Congrats on the release of Noah and for being so high on the NYT!!!!
I'm reading Noah right now.
I'm trying to make it last, lol!!
Really cant wait till Jan. Love the cover!
Wishing you the best as always!

Kim S. said...

My favorite Nightwalker is Jacob! For a couple of reasons...first because it was your first Nightwalker book and the one that introduced me to the series and got me hooked like a junkie!! :) Second because it's my son's name and...well...I just love the name!(Jacob is a form of James, which is my hubby's name! That's how we named our son after his father without the Jr. or 1st, 2nd...!!)
Can't wait to read Noah because this junkie needs a Nightwalker fix!!

The_Book_Queen said...

First off, this is a hard question, simply because each Nightwalker holds a 'special' place in my heart, each one for a different reason. But my all time favorite would have to be the original, or should I say, the FIRST, Nightwalker that you introduced us to: Jacob. When I picked up his book almost a year and a half ago, I instantly fell in love-- not only with Jacob, who was perfect, sexy, and everything a reader (And a woman!) could ask for in a hero, but also with your writting.

Now, if I had already read Noah (My order won't be here for a few weeks, unfortunately....) I might be swayed to change my Favorite Nightwalker Canidate simply because what information we've got from the previous books about Noah has been enough to make me very interesting in him, waiting for his book. Then again, it would be hard to turn away from the First, and in my opinion, the best, Nightwalker.

Anonymous said...

my favorite nightwalker is noah, he is a fair and just king. also, very mysterious

Tracy said...

Hey Jacki! I just started Noah this morning and you've got me hooked! Love it so far and I have many more pages of Noah goodness to go. Woohoo!
I love ALL of your Nightwalkers!!!

Jacquelyn Frank said...

LOL this is great so far. But remember, you can't win if you are anonymous. How am I supposed to know who you are??

I find it amusing I havent heard Elijah listed yet. hmmmmmmmm

Pattie said...

My favorite Nightwalker is Jacob. He was my first and we ALL know, your first is your true love. I was hooked on the nightwalker series because of the first book! I love them all but Jacob reached into my soul.....MMMMMM I like him!

Michelle said...

You are getting your wish Jacki. My favorite (and was before I read your comment) is Elijah. Why Elijah? He is such a fierce fighter, which does not necessarily go hand in hand with his being a skills tested warrior. After the ambush, Elijah somehow still knew that he would be needed in a capacity other than that of his job and thus clung to life with everything he had. Then, after meeting Siena he fought for them...for the love he felt, the love he knew she did not want to acknowledge and their future together. He fights for those he loves to see things right...and I can imagine it is not easy to take in another’s child as a teenager. But what I love most about Elijah is his element. I have always loved feeling the breeze on my face and whipping my hair about, and now that wind has a name...Elijah.

Thanks for a wonderful series Jacki! I loved your take on Vampires in far from the stereotypical norm for them...fantastic. I look forward to delving into the dark places with the Shadowdwellers.

Anonymous said...

My favorite character is definitely Jacob. The way you described his looks, demeanor and personality captured my heart. I had never read a paranormal romance before and fell hard for your writing style!! I wait anxiously for the new book to arrive in the bookshop everytime since....Jacob seared me as he raptured little Bella. Thanks for your beautiful and exciting books---a fan forever, Nikki

Cathy M said...

Noah was my favorite too, his humor totally worked for me.

Raonaid Luckwell said...

Actually I believe my two favorite nightwalker is Jacob and Gideon - Jacob because he was the first to be introduced, and well, sometimes the firsts are very hard to forget. Gideon because there is just something about him that just snags my attention.

Laura K said...

Hope you are doing well, Jacki. Met you at Lori's event and HAD to get the first four books. I'm ashamed to say I haven't read them yet. I know...beat me with a wet noodle!

Suzette said...

Gideon. Don't get me wrong, all the Nightwalkers are HOT but there is a mysterious quality about Gideon that gets me. I feel there is still more abotu him we have yet to discover.

BTW, loved Noah's book! Would kill for a book thong with his name...hint, hint.