Friday, August 29, 2008

Night Bites

I have been a very bad blogger lately but I hope to rectify that now and plan to blog every month like I am supposed too.

This weekend I am at Dragon Con, actually today is Day 1 of the four day weekend of festivities. Day one consisted of hitting the dealer rooms first thing cause we were on a mission looking for fairy wings and horns. LOL Found the wings, not the horns yet but will look again tomorrow. I only made it about half way through the vendors before I had to run off to make it to a Farscape panel.

After that one, we went straight to the Night Bites workshop with both Sherrilyn Kenyon and Laurell K Hamilton. It was a panel full of readers and fans who came to discuss why vampires are so beloved. Which is a really good question since I am about to embark on a Southern vampire series.

For the panelists they felt it boils down to the immortality aspect of them. The escaping of death. It was a lively and interesting discussion about why we love our sexy vamps. It gave me even more to think about before I start writing the southern vampire series I have been planning.

For now I am off to buy some custom made vampire teeth and then the Abney Park concert tonight.

A couple of weeks ago I had a new release. The third book in my Pentacles of Magick series. (The fourth I turned in not too long ago and it will be coming out in October)


Dennison Scott is destined to succumb to his dark magick unless he
finds and takes his empathic mate, a female born into the prophecy.
But this earth witch has already forged a bond with his current lover,
Jake that he has no intention of breaking. Curse or no curse.

When both Denn and Jake begin to fantasize about a dark-haired witch,
the real trouble begins.

Raven is a witch and a bounty hunter willing to sell her power to the
highest bidder, even the enemy. Until she tried to kill one of the
Scott twins which left her on the brink of death. Now with her magick
bound and captive to two men, she is more vulnerable than ever and she
has to decide whether to trust in the impossible or fight for the life
she thought she was destined for.

Read an Excerpt HERE

For information and to see the new series video, visit my website at

Have a good one, and i'll post some DragonCon pics next month when i'm back for blogging.


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Anonymous said...

There is a really great review of Pentacles of Magick: The Healing up on a site that i go to called Manic Readers. I bought the book based on the recommendation and it was right on.