Sunday, August 10, 2008

Winners, Summer and Work.

Well its my time on the bloggy yet again! I wish I had great news for you guys, but Alas, not yet. Audra and I are still writing London for the Holidays. Pray we finish it and get it to our editor this week. Im looking forward to see it finished and off our list of things to do.

And Ooh Aud and I have been researching a new series, and outlining a new story for the series. Its So different from what we have been doing, but if it gets going as we want it to, its going to rock hard. Wish us luck. Im eager to get to work on this. Too bad the work keeps piling up.

So our winner for the last post is DEB! Congrats Deb, and email me at with your print book choice, and your address. I hope you enjoy what you choose!

So we finally got GIFTS in print. it looks good, and its thick, and Im happy for it. I have so much promo for the book that Im really excited that its available now. I have SO MUCH i have to send out!

Ooh, and for those of you going to RT 2009, Ill have a special goody for it. More on that once i get more info. Heh. Your going to love it.

So the summer is starting to wind down. I have family about a lot. its good. I wish Aud was around, but its cool. I get to see our cousins a lot these days, which is a long time coming, considering that the last time we were all together is about 8 years ago. Its good to reconnect. I forget why i love my cousins so much. They are really lunatics.

So today, My contest is for another choice print book, along with CD and goodies galore. How to win? I wanna know who your the closest to in your family, and whats your most hillarous memories. Mine? Glad you asked.

My cousins Andrea and Michelle are bad 80's and 90's music freaks. And during our time growing up, They got me into it too. Now being that my family are a bunch of nutters for music (my grandpa is a big deal spanish singer), we all have some sort of signing ability. Except when we get rip roaring drunk. Yes, we sound like a bunch of cats in heat. its not good i tell you.

So anyway, we were sitting here signing I remember You by Skidrow. My cousin Andrea hits the high note, falls off her chair and drops her beer into her lap. So she is laughing, choking and looks like she pissed herself. Yeah. Shitty story I know. You might have had to be there, LOL.

Anyway. Enter the contest. Win a book. Good luck and see you next month!


Anonymous said...

Enjoyed the comments. The person closest to me is my twin sister. We have a special bond.
One of the funniest times for us was the first time we exchanged dates and they did not now about it. We went to a dance and all of our friends called us by our names and we answered to the other's name among other things that went wrong. It turned out to be a disasterous night.

Diana Castilleja said...

I'm sure I have a buttload of embarrassing moments, but since they ARE embarrassing I do the safe thing and promptly forget them. LOL

Hell, half the time I can't even remember yesterday!!

CrystalGB said...

My cousin is my closest family member. We have been close since we were little girls. She and I share a love for romance books and can talk about books for hours.

Anonymous said...

I am closest to my mother believe it or not. I do not remember any embarrassing moments with her mainly because I try to forget unpleasant things.

Daun Ann said...

My brother is my closest (besides my best friend, my hubby). When my brother and I were growing up, we were visiting our 3rd cousins, 1 male and 1 female (we have no 1st cousins, aunts or uncles) that we were very close to. My grandma's boyfriend wanted a picture of us four, so we're sitting down on the floor ready for the picture. Let me state that Tracey and I bloomed very well. Bill (bf) goes "hold those tits still will ya?" We were shocked that he'd say that and instant full body blush and heads in laps.

Ellory said...

My closest relative was my dad. I was daddy's girl. Miss him still. He taught me that "girls" could do anything and to believe in myself.

No embarrassing moments.

Drea said...

Oh man, just thinking about this brings back so many memories! My Mom would have to be the closest for me. My parents divorced when I was 7 and I went with my Mom. We went on some seriously strange adventures together after that...and along with the strange was the embarrasing!! One example would be our grand idea of fixing my big balloon with super glue...yes super glue, while it was blown up. Well, you can just imaging how much super glue we and the kitchen were wearing after that. It was one of those just as we did it moments we knew we were so dumb. After that, the stories just go on and on. We get to laughing so hard sometimes! I love it and am so glad she is my best friend after all these years!

Thanks for letting me think back on that...I tend to get wrapped up in the present and need to remember back more often and laugh.


Raonaid Luckwell said...

The closest person I've ever been with was my grandmother on my mom's side. The woman accepted and loved me for who I was. I could do nothing wrong, and she was my staunch defender.

I have many memories, some humerous. One that sticks to mind is my friend and her sister was traveling with me and my grandparents to see some caves. I nudged my friend and said "Watch this." Asked my grandmother to play this tape. It was "Hair of the Dog" by Nazereth. I even played "Baby Got Back" and some other songs. It was funny to hear her commentary about each and every song.. But she didn't complain about it!

Fedora said...

I'm closest to my sister--I can (and probably have) told her just about everything :) As for embarrassing things we've done together, boy, I'm sure we've got some, but total mental block so as not to die of embarrassment ;)

Anonymous said...

My closest family member was always my older sister, the one in the middle. She's hilarious. One night I was staying at her house (she's much older). We'd watched Twilight Zone, the ep with the doll that comes alive and kills people. It can move its head and blink.

That night, I hear a scream. My sis had gone to bed and had looked over the side at the floor. Laying there in the moonlight was her daughter's doll, complete with head that turns and blinking eyes.

I ran in and sis swore the eyes had blinked at her! LOL.

I thought it was funny, but then I had nightmares that night too.

mamasand2 said...

There have been a couple over the years. My hubby was my very best friend, lover, and supporter until I lost him.

Now my sister is my best friend. We can talk about anything and spend our vacations camping in distant rural spots. That is one of my most ?hilarious? moments and stories.
While camping in a game preserve in northern Ontario we were walking rough the woods when we came around some heavy underbrush and...

Came nose to nose with a large bull moose. He and his HUGE antlers was about 5 feet from us.
We froze. He froze. We looked at him. He looked at us...

Finally he seemed to shake his head a bit and then he turned and slowly ambled away.

We collapsed in relief.


Leah said...

I'm closest to my sister. Who btw is 12 years younger than I am, so she's always looked up to me.

Not sure about any embarrassing moments.

JeanMP said...

Closest person to me was my mother, now it is my husband.
Too many embarrassing moments, I like to forget them!