Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Outlines, deadlines, and far too much on my plate.

So I'm back! Yes its my turn once again to come and play with you lucky lucky people! Its been a wild month since i was here last, more submissions going out, a new series outlined and still on deadline for three books at the very least. Yes, my work is never done.

So we have a new video. Yep. I broke down and did another one, this for the book Deep Water. Here it is. LOL.

Yes. I'm happy with it. It was fun to make, and maybe it will get some attention for the book.

So Audra and I are still looking for an agent to rep the Weresnakes. Its been a long hard road, especially because of the fact that the majority of the agents who have rejected us feel that it is a "hard sell" and a "risk" project for a first time author. I disagree. I think the market is ready for this kinda work, and this idea, giving the reading public a choice and something new and fresh to sink their teeth into. Still, apparently what I think doesnt matter. It's daunting, and discouraging because its a damn good book and the fact that its snakes is what is pushing people off right off the bat. I knew this was going to be a complete uphill battle but this is much more then I expected. But everyone keeps telling me that nothing worth anything comes easy. I get that, and I agree, but this is insane. We are hopeful, and Audra and I dont ever give up on anything we really want so... im grabbing my force lance and Im scaling the hill.

I have signings up the wazoo for the next 5 weeks in a row. Two conventions, a bunch of in store appearances and the Collingswood Book festival. Yeah. I'm not near ready for ANY of it. But thats how it gets when I get stressed. If you are popping out to any of the signings, lemme know you saw this blog and you'll get some cool special goodies. Yeah Im all about giving cool stuff away.

Speaking of which, my winner for this month is DREA. Congrats. email me your address at and lemme know what book you would like. I'll send it asap.

This months contest is about videos. What are your favorite book videos out there? Heres my You tube page, where we have almost all ours, and you dont have to pick ours, but I thought you should see. So what do you think makes a good video? Do videos on the whole make you wanna buy a book? Do you prefer videos to other kinds of promo?

So post your opinions, and winner will get choice of Print book of a book we have a video for. That would be either Fire in His Eyes, Deep Water, Wishbound, Gifts, Sugar and Sin. Good luck and enjoy the videos!

Ill be back next month... OOh and guess what? we have a mew AAD member: Larissa Ione! She will be posting on the 30th of each month starting this month so be sure you pop by and say hi!


Anonymous said...

Well, you are busy, aren't you? Keep working and you'll get to where you need to be. I have to applaud you on orginality... Weresnakes. I love it!

Anonymous said...

I'm a fan of Jennifer Leeland's trailers for Taking Command and Resisting Command. She has others too but I really like Resisting Command. The music is awesome for one.

Good luck with the weresnakes. I wouldn't have touched that for a shifter. Heh.

Rebekah E. said...

I really like the trailer for Sugar and Sin. Makes me really want to read the book.

Tameka said...

Well I would have to say I'm a Harry Potter fan. I love the books and the movies. Lol

Dani said...

I loved the trailer for Deep Water. That was awesome. I also happen to love Yasmine Galenorn's book trailers. Her recent one for her next book, Night Huntress, is excellent, IMHO.

Good luck with the weresnakes. I've seen another ebook author use a snake shifter in one of her books, so there's always hope.

Karen Michelle Nutt said...

I love Deep Waters! Awesome story that had me hooked from page one.

Deep Waters trailer is great.

I personally like the trailers and will watch them sometimes over reading the excerpt.

Eliza Gayle said...

I love book videos, you know this, but alas I am not unbiased. lol

I love all of mine. hehehe I actually like a lot that I see and then some make me cringe. I am of the mantra that a bad book video is worse than no book video.

One I watched yesterday that I really loved was Cat Johnson's Model Soldier. I am such a sucker for all things military. The opening gives me chills.


Mya said...

It was interesting and slightly intimidating hearing about your trials with the were-snakes. I for one am a monster fanatic and don't care if no one reads it, I am going to do my werecroc story. I would read your were-snake story in a heartbeat though...thinking James Earl Jones in Conan turning into that massive python. I would love it!!

Laura K said... that's an interesting concept. I like a few trailers for the sheik books from Red Rose. They get me in the mood to buy them.

Stephanie*magic* said...

Stella! That video was great! Book sounds fantastic!

I honestly dont look for or come across too many book trailers. The ones I have are usually really cheesy, lol! Some are okay tho! Yours made me wanna read Deep Water really bad, lol!
Good luck with everything you two!

And welcome Larissa!

Suzette said...

I like book trailers but they arent what gets me to buy the books. They are to me, a bonus. I like Christine Feehans trailers. If an author has them on their website or blog that is really the only time I check them out. Yours are good too but I already am a fan of your work so again, BONUS!!

I wish you luck with the Weresnakes! I loved both Beyond the Vision of Dreams and Surrender in Moonlight. Fingers crossed for you both on someone picking them up.

If ya'll havent read those two books, you should!

Goodluck with the signings. Wish I could be there.

Raonaid Luckwell said...

My favorite book trailor has to be for Acheron, Sherrilyn Kenyon's latest dark-hunter book.

At first I wasn't really sure about these book trailors, then I seen some that were done for feehan's books. I thought Wow.

Then I notice a lot more authors are venturing towards this. When done right, with correct music and images, they'd be great to snag people's interest in reading them.

Christine said...

Hey Stella!
Beautiful trailer!
I finally added Authors After Dark to my feeds so now I have no excuse for missing anything!! :)