Monday, September 22, 2008

I'm Baaaack!

So sorry the blog is late, but I just returned last night from my Levy Book Tour! What a fabulous time. The Levy people were fantastic and treated us like celebrities. To be honest my head swelled to dangerous proportions and when I returned home I tried to convince my husband and sons that "I'm a kind of a Big Deal". Unfortunately, they didn't really agree and all the fetching and waiting upon me that I had been expecting was sadly absent. In fact, there wasn't even one fetch or wait to be found. Ah well. There's nothing like family to keep you humble :) I really did have a great time and met some of absolute idols in the writing world. Shockingly they're completely wonderful and went out of their way to make a 'newbie' like me feel completely welcome. We traveled through Michigan for three days, doing three signings each day at different stores. The crowds were so much fun and I had the pleasure of actually meeting some of my fans face to face, which I love to do. Sometimes when I'm in my 'troll hole' I feel like I'm writing in a vacuum and to be able to get out and talk with readers is something I truly treasure. At some point I'll try and get a few pictures up, (I'm such a tech dunce) and you can see the terrific writers that shared the trip. Once you see them you'll wonder what the heck I was doing there...but, I slipped in and no one threw me out so it's all good :)

On an even brighter side my *&^&*&&% sewer is finally, finally fixed. I warned my husband I wasn't coming home if the dang thing was still backing up :)

Hope all is well with you,

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