Monday, September 15, 2008

Will I Be in Your Town?

Had a great book signing with Stella and the girls upstate New York on Saturday and am looking forward a to spending some time with Jacki and others at Lora Leigh's Reader Appreciation Weekend (RAW) this coming weekend in West Virginia. If you're near Huntington, please come see us!

I'm doing a number of appearances in October and November, including Albacon in Albany, NY, and the NJ RWA Conference. We're also returning (triumphant?) to the Middletown Borders on November 1st for a signing. It's always fun to hang with other authors, talk shop and gossip like madwomen!

After seeing Stella's post, I'm trying to figure out how to embed a video in Blogger. Of course, I'm too mind-numb to figure out how to embed anything today, so check out my You Tube Channel if you feel so inclined. I have two videos up there right now - one for Sweeter Than Wine (in print October 30th!) and one for FireDrake, for which I did three art compositions that are featured in the video.

Other than scrambling to make appearances, I'm sitting tight, writing a lot and looking forward to my Fall releases. I have one every month starting in October until the end of the year - two print releases (Sweeter Than Wine and Davin's Quest) and an ebook called One & Only. (Check out the yummy new cover!) Hmm... that's two paranormals and a futuristic. (What? No dragons? Boo.)

So now I'm sure you're asking yourself, "Will Bianca be in my town?" If you're in the Northeast, chances are good that I'll be nearby at some point. If so, please come down and say hello! You can always find out where I am or where I'm going by checking my website events page, my personal blog, or by signing up for my monthly newsletter.

See ya soon, I hope!


Jennifer A. Ray said...

I'll be seeing you this weekend!!! We arrive by dinner time Thursday night... Can't wait to see you and everyone else who is going to RAW!

Bianca D'Arc said...

I'll be there sometime Friday afternoon (early evening if I get lost, since I'm driving in - LOL). Can't wait!!! - B.

Christine said...

Hi Bianca!
I'll be at the NJ RWA Literacy Signing. Do you know which books you will have for sale there? I'm trying to make a list. ;)