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AAD Featured Author Interview: Saranna DeWylde

Welcome Authors After Dark 2014 featured author Saranna DeWylde!

Thanks so much for having me. Last year’s con was so much fun, I know this year will be a blast too. I may or may not have been live tweeted talking about what I’d do with a dick if I had one (stick it everywhere) and gotten caught doing inappropriate things with the dicksucker (yeah, it’s a real thing) that I won at the cock ring toss. Wow, there’s a lot of penis in this first paragraph for a convention that’s made up of mostly women. We won’t talk about the adorable little army boys that some of us were sharpening our claws on last year. *tries to look innocent*

So where will attendees be able to find you at AAD? Do you hang out in the bar? The lobby? Or are you the one who throws parties in their room?

All of the above. I can always be counted on for a good time and I’m usually up for anything. I do spend a lot of time in the bar because that’s where most everyone hangs out at conventions. If you see me, even if I’m talking with someone, say hey. That’s why I go to these cons. I want to meet readers and other authors. I only bite on request. Unless you’re Alex Skarsgard and then, sorry. All bets are off, you’re getting nibbled. Or Richard Armitage. Or… okay, maybe I do bite. But you’ll like it.

If you were to suggest one of your books to the AAD attendees, which book would it be?

My newest release is titled Fat. It’s a different kind of romance. It’s about learning to fall in love with yourself. It was a very personal book for me to write. A  lot of the heroine’s conflicts are my conflicts. The voice she has on a constant loop in her head telling her that she’s not smart enough, not pretty enough, not thin enough… just not enough. I’ve dealt with that my whole life and a few years ago, I decided to evict that bitch. She has no place in my life and I don’t want to hear her voice. It’s a process and some days, I don’t hear her at all. Others… she’s really loud.

I was both heartened and saddened to hear that other people have this same loop, the same doubts, the same pain. I’ve gotten great feedback from a lot of people and I think it’s helped a lot of us to realize we’re not alone.

“You’re pretty, for a fat girl.”
That’s nothing Claire Howard hasn’t heard before, and there’s part of her that doesn’t care, that thinks it’s okay to love herself just the way she is. Then there’s that other voice in her head, the one that plays on a constant loop that gets louder whenever people scrutinize her dinner order, snicker when she needs a belt extender on a plane, and outright laugh when they see her with her the kind of man they don’t think fat girls deserve. It reminds her that existing while fat is the worst thing in the world. It’s worse than being ignorant, bigoted or cruel—at least according to society’s standards. Even when she has the attentions of two men who are the embodiment of fantasy.
But it’s not their love that matters, it’s her own. Fat is a brand that’s been seared into every aspect of her life—even her heart. Can Claire love herself enough to reach past the labels for her own happiness? 

I will have hard copies on hand at the signing. I’m hoping to have the second book in the series available as well.

I heard through the grapevine you’re sponsoring a table at the Sins & Virtues ball. Tell us more!

Desiree Holt and I are going as Gluttony. I think Gluttony is kind of a virtue because when you’re a glutton, you get to experience everything that life has to offer. You fill yourself up with everything life has to offer and then some. I think that’s what life’s about.

I’m very excited to share the absinthe truffles and some other treats I have for my guests that embody the sin/virtue of gluttony. I think it’s going to be a lot of fun.

If an adoring fan wanted to buy you a drink at the bar, what’s your poison?

I’ve recently gotten into tequila. I didn’t know that tequila was an art and a craft. My favorite tequila is Avion and it’s meant for sipping, not shooting. You can hang out with me and my first tequila tasting here:

The Education of a Tequila Drinker With Lisa Pietsch, Mike Morales and Saranna DeWylde


I enjoy white rum as well.

SWAG. We all love SWAG! What cool stuff are you bringing?

I’ll have Minion of the Amazon Goddess buttons to give away, (Amazon Goddess, that’s me.) books, pens, truffles, wine… it pays to glutton with me.

Where can readers find you?

But I use Facebook the most. It has the most ease of interaction and I chat on my page all the time. I love connecting with readers, bloggers, and other authors.

I can’t wait to see everyone!

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