Sunday, June 15, 2014

AAD Featured Author Interview: Suza Kates

Welcome Authors After Dark 2014 featured author Suza Kates!

So where will attendees be able to find you at AAD? Do you hang out in the bar? The lobby? Or are you the one who throws parties in their room?
I tend to do a little of each. I’m one to walk around and see what’s happening next door.

Do you have a book coming out before AAD you want the attendees to know about?
Yes! The ninth and final book of The Savannah Coven Series releases July 20th. “Sacrifice of a Witch” is Anna’s story, the coven leader who will face the most difficult trial yet. You won’t believe what she has to do to complete her challenge and defeat the Amara once and for all!

If you were to suggest one of your books to the AAD attendees, which book would it be?
I’ve always gotten great feedback on “Hallowed Eve.” It’s a romantic suspense set during October. Serial killer, hot guy next door, and plenty of female bonding thrown in to round it out.  ; )

What panels will you be on at AAD?
Discussing the Anti-hero!

If an adoring fan wanted to buy you a drink at the bar, what’s your poison?
Pina Colada. Like being on the beach anywhere you are.

We’re all excited about the book signing. What books will you have on hand to sign and sell?
“Suffering of a Witch” and “Vengeance of a Witch,” books 7&8 of The Savannah Coven Series.

Where can readers find you?

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Love your witches and can't wait for Anna's story!--Janette