Thursday, June 19, 2014

AAD Featured Author Interview: Milly Taiden

Welcome Authors After Dark 2014 featured author Milly Taiden!

Is this your first year attending AAD?
Yes! And I am so excited! I have never been but I am a firm believer in being all about the reader as I am a reader too!

What made you want to come to AAD?
I had heard so many great things about AAD. And for so long I'd been dying to attend. I just always had a conflict. I know it will be tons of fun.

So where will attendees be able to find you at AAD? Do you hang out in the bar? The lobby? Or are you the one who throws parties in their room?
They can find me all over. But if I can get the bar to make some chocolate martinis they're more than welcome to come hang with me there.  I do plan on having some readers at my rooms for a small get together.

Do you have a book coming out before AAD you want the attendees to know about?
I am hoping to have my next Sassy Mates Series book out right around AAD. Unexpectedly Mated.

If you were to suggest one of your books to the AAD attendees, which book would it be?
Probably Scent of a Mate ( Sassy Mates Series Book 1)

Tell us about the party you’re hosting at AAD!
I'm in the Paranormal Party and also going to be all over as much as I can.

I heard through the grapevine you’re sponsoring a table at the Sins & Virtues ball. Tell us more!
Yes! I'm super psyched. My table (Humility) still has 3 spots open and I'd love for people to come sit with me. I will be giving away some really amazing swag and some super awesome gifts.

What panels will you be on at AAD?
The Odd Paranormal and Erotic Romance

If an adoring fan wanted to buy you a drink at the bar, what’s your poison?
Chocolate Martinis

Everyone loves the conference costumes. Can you give any hints about what to expect?
Over the top. For me main colors are black and white and some of my table guests have started to say they're going to do super out there.

SWAG. We all love SWAG! What cool stuff are you bringing?
Totes, Pens, Keychains and other things.

We’re all excited about the book signing. What books will you have on hand to sign and sell?
My Sassy Mates Series, my Federal Paranormal Unit series, and a couple of standalones.

Where can readers find you?
Facebook Friend Page:

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