Wednesday, June 18, 2014

AAD Featured Author Interview: Ella Jade

Welcome Authors After Dark 2014 featured author Ella Jade!

Is this your first year attending AAD?
No, I attended last year but not as a featured author. I had a blast!

What brings you back to AAD?
AAD was my very first con and I loved the atmosphere. There’s all this bonding going on and not just between the authors. The readers have so many opportunities to sit and chat with the authors. It’s such a fantastic concept! I’m really looking forward to connecting with the readers.

So where will attendees be able to find you at AAD? Do you hang out in the bar? The lobby? Or are you the one who throws parties in their room?
You’ll probably find me hanging out in the lobby especially during down times. I’ll be the one with my head in the laptop trying to squeeze in some words. I also like to hang out at the bar. I’m not a big drinker but I have been known to enjoy a martini or two. I’d love for you to join me.

Do you have a book coming out before AAD you want the attendees to know about?
Yes, I’ll have two. One in September called Tessa’s Temptation. This is a full length novel that involves a sassy younger woman and a sexy, domineering older man. The chemistry between the two is explosive. I’ll have swag at AAD to reveal the cover. In October, The Weekend Surprise releases. This is the highly anticipated sequel to The Weekend Proposition.

If you were to suggest one of your books to the AAD attendees, which book would it be?
Stealing His Heart! If you like sexy, dirty-talkin southern pitchers this is your book. Warning… Pax will steal your heart.

Tell us about the party you’re hosting at AAD!
I’ll be hosting two hours at the Coffee Cafe on Thursday. This is a place where you can come for a hot cup of Joe. We’ll chat, I’ll have some books and swag too! Even if you don’t drink coffee, pop in and visit with me.

What panels will you be on at AAD?
I’m doing the Sports Romance panel. Yum! I’ll have a chance to talk about my sexy, sweaty baseball guys. Don’t miss it!

If an adoring fan wanted to buy you a drink at the bar, what’s your poison?
I’m a martini girl. I love the flavored vodkas. If you’re participating in the Blind Book Party and you happen to get my book there just may be a ticket in there to find me and and have a round of drinks with me ;) If you don’t drink, we can have a non-alcoholic concoction.

We’re all excited about the book signing. What books will you have on hand to sign and sell?
I’ll be signing Stealing His Heart. I’m excited to bring my baseball “players” with me ;)

Where can readers find you?
I love connecting with readers. You can join my readers’ group, Team Ella…

Twitter - @ellajade1

I look forward to meeting you in August!

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