Sunday, June 1, 2014

2015 Partial list has been announced!

Hello Everyone!

So the time has come... and while the list isnt completely finished we have enough authors locked in that we can give you a glimpse of who is attending the event for 2015!

AAD 2015 is in Atlanta GA August 12-16 and will be presided over by none other than the lovely and wonderful



Who is excited? I know You are! Well get ready to squee some more because we have some more authors to announce! (Please note: this is NOT the full list... that will be finalized right after AAD 2014!)

Saranna DeWylde

Rebecca Zanetti

Kiernan Kelly

Boone Brux

Rita Sawyer

Sidney Bristol

Lacie Nation

Beth Williamson

Lissa Matthews

Eliza Gayle

Jennifer Estep

T. Lynne Tolles

Tilly Greene

Suza Kates

Alyssa Breck

Annabel Joseph

Diana Castilleja/ Diana DeRicci

Bronwyn Green

Jessica Jarman


Liz Schulte

Julia Talbot

BA Tortuga

Jenn LeBlanc

Ann Mayburn

Stacey Kennedy

Mina Khan

Kris Norris

C.J. Ellisson

Stephanie Julian

Heather Long

TJ Michaels

Marianne Morea

Ciara Knight

kerry adrienne

Kerrianne Coombes

Carrie Ann Ryan

MK Mancos/Kathleen Scott

Jae Lynne Davies

Sherri L. King

Jenny Trout/Abigail Barnette

Desiree Holt

Amy Gregory

Mel Schroeder

T.C. Blue

Robyn Peterman

Bianca Sommerland

Olivia Jaymes

Roz Lee

Connie Suttle

Vella Day

Sara York

A.D. Roland

Brandy Walker

Melinda Harris

S.P. Cervantes

J.M. Madden

Hildie McQueen

Julie Morgan

Milly Taiden

Teresa D'Amario

Sasha White

Tracy Wolff

ML Guida

Coreene Callahan

Suzanne Johnson

Jennifer Ashley

S.A. Price

Cat Johnson

More Authors will be added (about 25 of them, LOL) So stay tuned. This is going to be one HELL of an event in 2015, filled with some great surprises, some new programming and parties you will not want to miss... So much awesome! 

And if you havent yet, Sign up for 2014! ONLY attendees of 2014 will be able to win freebie registrations for 2015 AAD.. as a huge thank you for attending the event and supporting these amazing authors... and we will be giving away 5 registrations for 2015 this year. DO NOT MISS IT!


Jen said...

Okay - so when can we register for 2015? I just did 2014 but I'm totally ready for next year!! lol

Stella Price said...

We open 2015 registration on September 5th (stella waits till after DragonCon so she can focus on the event to open registration)

ML Guida said...

Thank you Stella! I'm so excited I made the list. ML

A. M. Griffin said...


Anonymous said...

The Simi is SO CITED bouts that list of Authors!

JM said...

I'm excited too! I've heard PHENOMENAL things about this con!