Friday, October 31, 2014

In My Veins (Albion's Circle) Review

Today I'm happy we're apart of the 2 Americans and a Canadian, Eh Blog Tour with a Review of Jessica Jarman's latest release: In My Veins (Albion's Circle, Book Two).

Anna is his. Merlin has failed. The Circle is broken. After being defeated in every lifetime, Mordred believes he’s finally won.

Even though Anna has little hope of gaining Merlin’s forgiveness for believing Mordred over him and the rest of the Circle, she isn’t giving up and vows to set things right. When an offer of help comes from an unlikely ally, Anna must trust her instincts—the very thing that got her into this mess in the first place.

Because more than just her survival hangs in the balance. Mordred took her for a reason. Anna is the key. The key to completing the Circle. The key to preventing unthinkable death and destruction at Mordred’s hand. They key to destroying the heart of a wizard whose love has followed her through the ages.

But Mordred has forgotten exactly what’s he’s up against—Arthur and his Knights. The most powerful Magical to ever walk the Earth. And a love a thousand years in the making. 

In My Veins is the second book in the Albion's Circle series, so you'll be lost if you don't read Deepest Cut, the first book located in the Anthology: If Ever I'd Leave You (Amazon Buy Link) that being said...

I enjoyed the story immensely, the characters are captivating. Anna has been a pleasure to read as she struggles to get a hold of her magic, keeps getting visions, and just tries to cope with Arthur, Merlin, the circle and everyday friends. Additionally, I felt as though this book was a great stepping stone for Anna and Merlin relationship wise, clearing up a lot of their communication issues and getting on the same page.  I'm looking forward to seeing what happens next between those two and what they pull off with their magics.

What stole the book for me however was Will and Galahad (Galahad is one of Arthur's knights and Will is Anna's brother). I absolutely adored the chemistry between those two. Now I know that I've got no shot to get between them because they are gay... and that small detail of them being fictional... but they have the HOTTEST sex scene I've read I'd say all year. I'd pay to be a fly on the wall to see their parts acted out. My fingers are crossed we get to see a lot more of them in the next book.

I can't really think of anything that I wasn't a fan of while reading this book. Ms. Jarman leaves it off at another great cliff hanger but, I think it just pikes my curiosity of what is going to happen next and how they are all going to deal with this last revelation of Anna's.

Over all I think if you liked King Arthur as a kid you'll enjoy & should check out Ms. Jarman's mystical fairy-tale in the 21st century setting.

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Beena said...

I was just browsing by and stumbled upon your lovely blog. It has interesting and informative posts that I enjoy xD Great review as well, def. checking out this read now! Hope you check out my blog? Keep in touch x

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Unknown said...

Cool thanks for checking it out. I totally loved the book. I can't wait to see what happens next in the circle.
:) I followed your blog to get updates. Sweet site. :)