Tuesday, January 31, 2012


Hello Attendees!

So we are just about into feb and wow are things really trucking along well! Authors have been finalizing things, Schedules have been slowly coming together and we are 92% sold out of the con! I’m SO PLEASED about this, thank you everyone who is attending.

So we have lots to do this coming month, and I know you guys can’t wait to hear what’s going on… so I figured I would give ya all the skinny.

So since there’s so much going on, and certain events are going to be limited attendance, we are going to put “tickets” up on the website. These tickets will be for ALL the events (except Panels) so we can get a clearer head count of who is deciding to do what at the con (and it also helps us plan for next year as well!)

These are the events you will have to get “tickets” for:

Cursed N Blood Affair with Melissa Schroeder

Karaoke With Jennifer Armintrout and Resplendence Publishing

Late Night sweets with Jeaniene Frost and Pamela Palmer

Workshop: Worldbuilding with Kristen Painter

Workshop: Direct Your Book: Theatrical Techniques to a Blockbuster Novel with Leanna Renee Hieber

Worshop: Under the hood: Writers reveal their five favorite craft tricks! With Carolyn Crane and friends

Workshop: #romancekills With Erin Kellison and friends

Echoes of New Orleans Masquerade Ball

Wicked Bliss Chocolate Indulgence with Sophie Oak and Shayla Black

Roaring 20’s Event with Secret Cravings Publishing

Saturday reception with Samhain Publishing

Author Pub Crawl with 12 authors/ 12 bars!

ALL Fieldtrips with authors: Erin McCarthy, Suzanne Johnson, Adrian Phoenix, Jaye Wells, Kelly Keaton and others

Please be aware that tickets are FREE, you just need to go and Grab one on the site so you will be counted as attending that event. Also, Not all tickets will go up at the same time, so as to be fair. We will be sending out a NEWSLETTER via all registered attendees on what days the tickets go up. THE ONLY WAY YOU WILL KNOW ABOUT EVENTS IS IF YOU ARE REGISTERED!!!! (so that means, if you are on the fence about registering, get your tookus in gear, cuz we will not and cannot hold spots for anyone- registered or NOT.)

Some events will have 400 available spots, some will have as low as 10, so be vigilant! We will put the High number events up soon, but the lower number ones will not go up till we have hit 98% registered! So get those registrations in!


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Unknown said...

I second "SWUEEEEEE!!!!"
That was seriously my exact thought!!

Kel said...

Wheee... :)

Will we be getting schedules before we sign up? Last time I had conflicts I didn't know about until later...

Stella Price said...

Yes... because this time there will be NO CHANGES lol!

smartmouthtexan said...

So excited. Can't wait.

Obscured Vixen said...

Squee! When will we be able to sign up?!

Good Choice Reading said...

Yay! I just went to the site though and didn't see anything about tickets... They aren't up yet?

Joy said...

mememmememememeeme - LOL - YAY