Wednesday, January 4, 2012

AAD hotel room updates

OK, in trying to keep everyone abreast of the events hotel issues, I figured I would give you guys the heads up on the hotel. We are close to selling out. heres the deal:

We have 107 spots left open for AAD NOLA in registrations.

In reservations we have this amount of rooms (by Day) available:

8/5: 2
8/6: 0
8/7: 0
8/8: 10
8/9: 61
8/10: 61
8/11: 61
8/12: 38
8/13: 17
8/14: 0
5/15: 0

Now what is left are ALL KINGS. This means that 2 people in one room will need to share a bed (and kings frankly are HUGE, I sleep in one and don't even realize Joe is in bed with me LOL). The reason for this is that the hotel only has kings LEFT in the hotel at all. We have sold out of Doubles.

So this means you NEED to get your room reservations in ASAP, and contact me with issues. Also, if you are reading this, and you HAVE reserved a double, only have 2 people and don't mind sleeping in a king, please email me ASAP. I can guarantee your "sacrifice" will be noted and rewarded. All kings will get a roll away if needed as well.

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