Thursday, January 26, 2012


Wanted: Social Media and Media liaison for Authors After Dark

As AAD grows by literally leaps and bounds, we are now in need of a media liaison that will allow Stella to focus on the con, while ensuring her things are not going awry.

Duties to include but not limited to:

v Updating Twitter both before and during the convention

v Monitoring the forum for questions and new attendees

v Monitoring the blog for questions and comments

v Re-tweeting info about AAD

v Tweeting AAD Featured Author Spotlights and posting summary of spotlights to AAD blog monthly

v Monitoring AAD Facebook Page for questions and comments

v Fielding requests for interviews for staff

v Correspondence with TV/ Radio for city we are in

v Correspondence with specialty groups and events

v Liaison to visiting media at the convention proper

v Working with Hotel to ensure visiting media is taken care of

v Working with host city CVB for leads and scheduling

v On-site escort and liaison for visiting media during the Authors After Dark Convention

Applicants must have a sunny disposition, good people, organizational and networking skills and above all, TIME to devote to this. This is a full time endeavor, and the applicant must be online often to work this.

Applicant will work closely with Stella through the year till August, and at the con will be in charge of the visiting media (host city TV/ Radio/ Print). Applicant will be the face of Authors After Dark’s PR department for the next 2 years (NOLA and SAVANNAH).

Compensation: Perks package negotiable. AAD is non profit and no monetary compensation will change hands. Present your wish list for compensation during application.

All interested applicants: Letter of intent, including experience, hours online a day, number of hours a week you can devote to this endeavor, any pertinent credentials and compensation package.

Position starts Feb 20th and runs till the end of Savannah 2013’s Event.

All applicants will be reviewed ASAP and a decision will be made soon after.

Contact: Stella Price- before Feb 3rd.

I have received a few questions about this posting since it went up so I figured I would amend the listing so that all questions so far asked would be addressed:

  • Ideally we would like a blogger or reader to do this that has no ties to any other company in the industry or author because we feel only an impartial person can do this job in the spirit that AAD is intended.
  • YES, we are willing to train for this year, and YES perks would start for this year.
  • We would prefer a person that is not part of any other con's staff for this position, as AAD is a full time event and we cannot have split loyalties (split loyalties, at least in My (Stella's) experience lead to someone's important business being put on the back burner. You are either 100% committed to this endeavor, or your not.)
  • If you already work for a publisher, please do not offer your services. While its flattering, and awesome, it just wouldn't work. Publisher should ALWAYS come first and we respect that.
  • NO, I am not looking for someone that is an assistant, putting the work off on their own staff. This position is for ONE PERSON that is committed to doing the job and working with myself, and the AAD staff.

Thanks everyone!

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Aw I would love to do this!