Thursday, July 14, 2011

When is it Tea Time?

If you're British, anytime is time for tea*.


No, because to those who drink tea - like my cutie, Tea is the evening meal [dinner to me, but his dinner is what we call lunch], and a cuppa is the beverage, which is had all day.

For the history buffs, trivia lovers and the curious, the first noted example of tea being used as a drink was in 10th C BC China and they have the honor of giving the world the name.  And in America, 80% of tea consumed is cold, as in iced tea*.

Already a tea lover or not sure where to start and want to taste a variety of teas?  Maybe partake in a discussion of loose leaf vs bagged or pot vs cup?  Then note down the Tease Tea Tasting at 1:00pm in the Hospitality room on Thursday.  Author After Dark attendees will take home a bag of various teas - my offering is nicknamed the 'champagne of teas' - and goodies to enjoy at your leisure.

See you there!

Tilly Greene
Scorching romances full of twists, turns and ties.

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Kel said...

Teatime is 4 o'clock, of course.

And I can't wait for the Tease Tea Tasting... It's on my list of "must not miss"s

Jen B. said...

I put it on my calendar. Have you ever tried Pappy's Sassafras Tea Concentrate. I thought it sounded aweful when I first learned about it. Then I tried it. It is very tasty and doesn't need any sweetener. I am really looking forward to the Tea Tasting!

Tilly Greene said...

You're right, Kel, traditionally high tea or tea party time is 4 [2-5 in today's tea shop terms :-)].

Interesting, Jen, a tea concentrate is something I know nothing about - looking forward to learning about different teas I know nothing about.

Twimom227 said...

I don't know anything about tradition, but I LOVE tea! I don't drink coffee, and I look forward to the tea party!