Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Seduce Me in Flames! TODAY!!

Hey all! Guess what today is! Yeah, okay, so you don’t have to guess. :P It’s RELEASE DAY!! WOOT!!!! SEDUCE ME IN FLAMES, book two in the Three Worlds series, comes out today! YAY! Okay, so I am a little overexcited. What can I say? These past few months have been incredibly hard on me, so I am taking my excitement where I can get it.

For those of you who have been religiously following me on FACEBOOK and TWITTER, you know that I have lost two of my precious kitty boys, and my daughter B lost her boy kitty on Friday as well. It’s been a horrid streak of bad luck in our home. But they say things come in threes, and so that’s my three, thank you very much. I’m all done! **dusts off hands**

So I interrupt this announcement briefly to say goodbye to my two boys.

This is Damien…and squished beneath him is Magellan as a kitten. Damien had his own special way of showing his dominance, lol. My boys. I don’t have a picture of Max, but I know B will miss him as much as I will miss these two.

Thanks for indulging me. Now let’s get back to business.


I hope you all have been enjoying my guest bloggers. Natalie, my assistant, and I have been working hard to get you some of the best in paranormal romance for you to get to meet and know. Whether by a blog or my goofy little interview. I hope it’s useful and fun. And please continue to visit here every Tuesday throughout the release of ADAM on October 25th. There’s a lot of weeks and a lot of guests between now and then.

Oh don’t tell me you haven’t heard about ADAM! BOOK 6 in the NIGHTWALKERS series? Come on people, get with it! You’ve been dying for this release for almost three years! Look, I’m not teasing this time! I have the cover to prove it. ☺
Ain’t it purty? I love his chesticles. They are my favorite. ☺

But that’s not until AFTER the August release of KANE in the anthology SUPERNATURAL.

For those of you who have been dying to know what happened between Kane and Corrine that first Samhain night, I gave a little flashback into the experiences they shared. It’ll give you the warm and wigglies I promise! Don’t forget, Corrine was deathly ill that first Samhain night, and the Imprinting for a Demon doesn’t make room for weakness and illness. Mating is paramount. No matter what.

Intrigued? You should be. **smirk**

But what was I talking about before we went into future releases…? OH YES!!

SEDUCE ME IN DREAMS! The first book in the Three Worlds series. Oh…wait…we did that one already. Or at least we should have done that one already. This book comes before today’s release, but rest assured, today’s release does stand on its own. However, as I always say, the fullest experience of a series does come from starting from the beginning.

Now, all kidding aside, let’s get down to business.


How about a little excerpt? Yeah, I knew you’d say that.

Fire burned everywhere. Cinders clung to long grasses that had been obliterated by it and now, by some miracle, still held together. There was the smell of accelerant still in the air because it had been poured on the field in such a massive quantity. Along with it was the unmistakable stench of char and smoke. Nothing could possibly have survived.
But in the dead center of all of that destruction, something stirred. There was a cough just before the young man sat up and spit. He was charred as black as everything around him, making him blend in perfectly with his surroundings. He took a breath, his first in what seemed like ages. Well, he thought, it shouldn't surprise him that they had tried to kill him. After all, he had accidentally exposed his power in the center of town square during a damned festival.
Shit. He'd kept it secret from everyone for all of his twenty-one years. And it hadn't been easy. Adolescence alone had been a trial for him, and he’d had something of a temper back then. Still, he’d managed to keep it all under wraps.
He ought to have known this was coming. There was no way a mutation such as he was could go an entire lifetime undetected.
But if it hadn't been for that girl...
Yet, how could he turn his back? She would surely have died at the hands of those self-serving sicko bastards...
He shook his head, shook away the memory for the uselessness that it was. There was a bitter taste in his mouth and it had nothing to do with the Axiom fuel they'd dumped on him in hopes of burning him like all the rest of the char and ash around him. He had let them think they were successful. What choice did he have? If they didn't 'kill' him to their satisfaction, they would keep on trying until they actually figured out a way to succeed.
Had he truly thought at one time that his hometown, full of his lifelong friends and family, would be the ones most likely to understand and accept him? How many times had he come close to revealing himself before, thinking they would love him anyway? He had been so naive. Such a fool. And yet, why did this shock him so much if he'd felt so driven to keep it hidden?
He looked around himself carefully before getting to his feet. It was dark now, the only light being the flames that burned so powerfully on the horizon. The damn fools had burned him, yes, but in the process had started a fire on the plains that had quickly raced into town. The screaming had long since died down. He figured they were all dead, if not mostly so.
His secret was once again a secret.
He brushed layers of ash from his bare skin, the remainders of his clothing no doubt. Now he was naked, disenfranchised, and utterly at a loss as to what to do next. Still, he began to put one foot in front of the other, began to move. He had learned new things about himself, he could say that much. But he wasn't sure if that made things worse or better. He was too angry, too hurt to care.
It would take him a very long time to get over both of those feelings.

Okay, it’s a very short excerpt. And it doesn’t tell you much. But you know me, I don’t like to give away the juicy bits. Guess you’re just going to have to buy the book.



Hugs and Kitties,

PS: For those of you going to ROMCON the first week of August, look me up! It’s in Denver Colorado and I’m going to be there! If you live in Denver, the signing is open to the public I believe. ☺


mj said...

I am so excited for Seduce Me in Flames! It's so great that you released the first and second book so close together. I'm also psyched to hear about Adam. Did you say what the release date is?
Thank you for reminding me about Supernatural - I need to go pre-order it now.
Boy, do I sound like a gushing fan, or what?
congrats on the book release!

Stella Price said...

Congrats on the release jacki! Im excited about Kane and Cor... You know that was my favorite story. Glad its finally coming out.

And have fun at romcon, though I heard they werent having a booksigning this year...