Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Sneak peak on the New Age Workshops!

Ahoy awesome AAD attendees! So i have been hard at work with Patti Hawse, the purveoyer of Karma Faire, to set up a fantastic New Age vendor room AND workshop listing. This really is the first year we are going to do something on this scale and I like to think we are starting off with our best foot forward.

We did this a little different, And some of the workshops will have a price ($5-10 depending on the workshop) and some wont. All prices are payable AT the workshop, so you are not locked into anything.

So? You wanna see what we have going on?

First, Patti will be doing Sunrise (9am) Yoga Friday and Saturday. the price is 10$ a class, and she provides the mats. wake up the right way, refreshed and ready for the con, and enjoy the sunshine as this workshop is done on the roof deck on the 5th floor!

Next, from Geralyn St. Joseph.

Embrace Your Feminine to Awaken his Masculine
- Embracing your femininity helps you awaken the masculine in your lover. Learn how to turn on your feminine charms to attract the man you want.

Playing with Energy - learning to sense and utilize the energy around you for healing and revitalizing yourself and others.

The Power of Gemstones - Learn how to utilize the metaphysical power of common gemstones. We will clear them, charge them and program them for your greatest benefit.

Not sure what the prices will be for these (if any) but we will know soon enough!

Next, from Christine Schreibstien, Soul coach:

Living Within Your Heart
The Law of Attraction is much more than creating a vision board and waiting for the magic to happen. It is living from the birthplace of your soul; your heart. Are you ready to embrace the life you deserve? If so, join us for this one hour informative, joyful and loving hour that will surely begin to open those doors to your destiny.


Another, from Corey Sokoloff and Mirabai Galashan, we have a workshop based off Mirabai's couples workshop. Here is what Corey sent over:
This will be geared for the women at the event to help them awaken and embrace their feminine essence. We will also talk about how energy healing can release old patterns, and stuck emotions keeping them from opening deeper into the feminine and love. We will also show them how to use the feminine to attract the right partner and to put the charge back into existing relationships!

Price: Free!

And We also have a fun alternative excersize event!

Hooping Class, with Stephanie Connell and Boomtown Hoops:
Join Boomtown Hoops for this fun and fit Hooping Class where you’ll learn different hooping dances and maneuvers (hoops will be provided or bring your own). Learn to use the hoop for exercise, dance, and fun! These hoops are different than the old hula hoops of the 50’s. Everyone can use these hoops! Come join in the fun!

Price: $5

I have several others we are waiting on write ups for... but thats a little taste of what we have going on. And we have no less then 10 vendors that include Psychics, fortune tellers, energy workers, and a gemstone seller. Ill have a full list for the New Age vendor room soon so stay tuned!

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