Saturday, February 26, 2011

AAD 2012 Panels and workshops open for consideration!

AAD 2012 is a more then a year away, and Im very excited about this event coming up. Since we are changing things up a bit for the scheduling for the event, and have a TON of room, I figured we would start getting ideas in for different tracks and events.

Now please know that I DO NOT have the registration or acceptance open right now, and that the authors already accepted were asked for THIS year and couldn’t make it but committed as early as last November to 2012. That said, Any authors that suggest events, will be considered, But no decisions will be made till after AAD 2011 in PHILLY.

So now that that’s outta the way, what’s the reason for this post. AAD is looking for ideas for several tracks that are of interest to authors, industry professionals, Bloggers and readers. Tracks will be run through the days, from 10-5pm (breaking for lunch) and very little, if anything will be scheduled during the night time except for PJ parties, Field trips and off site group trips.

So this is what we are looking for. Programing:

Publisher: Workshops and panels

Cover Art: workshops and panels

Blogger: workshops, events, panels

Marketing: Workshops

Reader: Parties, workshops, panels and events

Industry Ettiquette: Workshops, panels

Book clubs: Workshops and panels

Interested parties need to fill out THIS FORM. The earlier you get ideas in the more chance you have of presenting the piece. Please note that I’m not like some other cons, and I consider everyone, and I DO NOT have panel captains because I believe in keeping things fair and having different people on the panels each year.

Also, we will not be having a vendor room this coming year (because lets face it, its NOLA) but we will have a full room for publishers to set up much like an expo, where readers can pop in and see what’s going on and what’s for sale. Publisher tables will be FREE to publishers as always!

Excited? I know I am… LOL. But we have AAD philly coming up before… and its going to be amazing as well! I cant wait for this year’s event. So many fabulous authors coming and so much awesome planned…

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Helen Seely said...

This event sounds awesome.