Wednesday, February 9, 2011

More AAD updates! Belly Dancing and Ticketed Events

As I'm not home ( for those that done know, I'm in SC house hunting and helping Joe's parents fix one of the houses they already bought), I have been getting emails left and right, and believe me, I'm answering all as I get them, even covered in pink paint, lol.

Anyway, I figured I would give you guys the heads up on our awesome bellydancing program. Heres the skinny: AAd is hosting Rowan Canterbury, belly dancer extraordinaire, has agreed to do several classes through the weekend for you lucky lucky people! And whats better shes going to repeat classes in case you miss them for doing something else! That's right!

So wanna know what the classes are?


A-t-t-i-t-u-d-e = SEXY

A work shop and discussion on the art of spiritual sexuality in dance and in life!

· Belly dance begins here, within and without of the flesh.

· Breaking the norm

· What men REALLY want

· Body language & confidence


The Art of Seduction through Belly Dance

· Basic Stretches

· Slow and Slinky

· Moves that ROCK THE HOUSE

· Too much is TOOOO MUCH!

· Working the Room – Using the Music


Ahh…those erotic muscles!

· Pelvic exercises that will lift him off the bed.

· How’d ya get an ass like that?

· The many uses of our abdomens.

· Your magic breasts!

Thighs of steal, (staying in the saddle)

Some other updates:

Ticketed Events: A lot of people are asking about this, and what they are. Lemme clarify. AAD this year is doing something different. Ticketed events are events that are limited attendance (for whatever reason) and because of this, we will be making the event a ticketed event. This means that the money for these events will go to a charity (either ours or that of the groups choosing). Ticketed events will run 5-20$ an event and will be limited to between 10- 50 people per event. Please note: not everyone will be eligible to attend all events. Some will be AUTHOR ONLY some will be female only, and some will be general admission. these all will be LABELED as such. PLEASE do NOT try to slip into events if your not on the recipient list. Remember, this is all about fun, and while it might look to you that we are picking and choosing on things, truth is, we are. Some of these events are delicate, and are being performed out of the goodness of our presenters hearts. their comfort and their privacy are paramount, and we will all respect that.

So that's what I got for you guys! Ill be back soon to give you guys more info as I get it, be patient! Soon Ill have a list of author activities and other fun things like contests and such!


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Kel said...

Yay, Bellydancing classes.

When will we be able to sign up for the limited attendance events?