Tuesday, June 15, 2010

WARRIOR'S HEART by Bianca D'Arc Releases Today!

It's not often that my turn to blog here cooincides with one of my book releases, so today's blog will be all about the new story... and maybe a few other things too. ;-)

First, WARRIOR'S HEART releases today in ebook from Samhain Publishing. WARRIOR'S HEART is a new version of an old story by the same name that was published in 2006 by a very small publisher that has since gone out of business. So if you weren't able to get the old version, here's your chance! This new version has been spiffed up quite a bit and I'm still very proud of this tale, which was always planned to be the first in a series, but with the publisher problems it got stalled. I'm glad to say the train is back on the rails now and hopefully more of these stories will be coming soon. Now a little bit about the story...

It's a paranormal featuring a military hero. Here's the blurb:

He’s home to claim the girl he never forgot…but more than war memories have changed him.

Gifts of the Ancients, Book 1

Hal’s best-friend status with Casey’s brother always meant that the one woman he wants is strictly off limits. But now that he’s back from a harrowing mission in the ancient Iraqi city of Babylon, all bets are off. The strangely mystical experience left him and his Special Forces team with a new appreciation for life—and strange new abilities they are only beginning to understand.

Casey never thought she’d have a shot with the strong, silent Green Beret. Something about him has changed, though, and old feelings have risen up, demanding an answer. And her answer is an unequivocal yes. Now, to break the news to her brother and hope it doesn’t come to blows.

Her brother’s reaction becomes the least of her worries when Hal singlehandedly stops a car from running her down, then falls into her arms, weak from some kind of strange reaction. Whatever went down in Iraq has changed Hal and made him a target of foreign agents who’ve found his one vulnerability…Casey.

Warning: This title contains dirty talk, sweaty carpentry sex and a sexy Special Forces super hero.

Get your copy today at MyBookstoreAndMore.com

I should also mention the print book that released earlier this month. GRADY'S AWAKENING is now available in print! Here's a little bit about that book:

An alien warrior discovers what it is to love…and to share.

Resonance Mates, Book 4

Alien super soldier Grady Prime’s missions routinely lead him in unexpected directions, but his latest assignment—to kill a rogue warrior—is far beyond routine. This time he meets a woman who embroils him in an adventure of the highest order. Love.

Gina has lived among aliens so long, she’s lost her fear of them. She is undeniably attracted to Grady, even though their respective duties force them apart. Then, on a mission to a far-flung outpost, an encounter with a man from her past leaves her torn between her flaming desire for Grady, and her still-simmering love for an old flame.

Jim and his group of human dissidents live in secret, away from alien patrols. He has responsibilities, and covert operations to manage. But when Gina re-enters his life, only one thing matters—being with her.

Brought together by chance, the three form an alliance that pushes the boundaries of desire and make unexpected connections that could save the human race from alien conquerors…

Warning: This book contains red hot alien loving, ménage a trois, super sexy alien soldiers, wicked fast martial arts masters, explicit language, explicit sex and explicit love. Always love.

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Suzette said...

congrats on the release Bianca! Really want to read these to books. Although I think I read Warriors Heart. It sounds familiar.