Thursday, June 3, 2010

New releases and Cute clothes!

Hey Everyone!

June is a wild month for me. My anniversary is Sunday, which will be 7 years with Joe, Aud and I have a book releasing on the 15th, Astoroth: Her Last Sin With Tease Publishing (A short little story about a fallen angel who is the last thing on a dying woman's bucket list and the night they share in Vegas)and I got some cute new clothes to talk about. So shall I?

This is my new reversible coat I got from Its comfy and super stylish. I dont know where Im going to wear it but Odds are you will see me in it at AAD this year, its just too cute not to wear. I'm a big fan of the red side.

We are also hip deep in edits for our next Satyr story, To Collar and Keep.This is due out the week OF AAD, that Monday the 13th. Its an awesome novella (though for the publisher its a novel) that takes place at Mohonk in upstate NY (which is where I plan on getting married LOL). Once I'm done with my edits I'll be more social. Till then, if you need a fix, pick up our most recent release, You Burn Me, a novella of the Eververse and nicely priced at 99 cents!


Suzette said...

Cute jacket>

Suzette said...
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Suzette said...

Have a wonderful 7th Anniversary! Wishing you many more years together