Friday, June 11, 2010

AAD on BTR today! get your bums to it!

Today at 1pm EST We will be doing a Authors After Dark show on Blog Talk Radio. For those of you who attended the one in May, lots has happened since then and we have a lot to talk about. If your still on the fence about attending, please tune in, we have some amazing things to tell you guys that will push you over to the "I MUST BE THERE" category!

And as a special treat, Jacquelyn Frank will be calling in and talking about her hostess duties, and all the specialness she has planned for the event. And if your lucky, you'll get some of the other authors coming calling in to say hi!

So join Elizabeth Darvill and myself as we give you the skinny on the most affordable and innovative reader convention to date!

1pm today at (Chat room opens at 1230 est!) So bring yourself, your questions, and your comments! we are taking calls and questions in the chat room as well!

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